1.03 Patch


In the steam 1.03 notes, you dropped the wrong url. http://the.unexpectedreboot.com/a72260 You meant to link to the video of Richard. Instead, you linked to a png.

Also, I was registering some codes from Backerkit, and download of UA (for OSX) started. This is not the backer distribution. http://the.unexpectedreboot.com/d51b8c I assume this is the play-testers build as there was no announcement indicating the OSX release was completed.

Edit: Whatever build it downloads, it just crashes at launch with no error message. I’ll go digging for error logs sometime later.


They still haven’t fixed custom keybindings. :frowning:


Associated log output

Event: GPU Reset
Date/Time: Sat Dec 1 19:16:53 2018
Application: UA
Path: /Users//Library/Application Support/Steam//UA.app/Contents/MacOS/UA
Tailspin: /Library/Logs/DiagnosticReports/gpuRestart2018-12-01-191653.tailspin
GPUSubmission Trace ID: 0
Version: 0
OS Version: Mac OS X Version 10.14.1 (Build 18B75)
Graphics Hardware: NVIDIA GeForce GT 650M
Signature: 1f

Report Data:

NVDA(Graphics): Channel exception! Exception type = 0x1f Access Violation Error (MMU Error 2)
Channel Info: [21, 0x13, 0x13, 0x2a]
Version Info: [com.apple.GeForce, 12.0.0, 0x4e554e, 22469702, 355., 1]
ErrorDB Hash: [e32dcd99cc5bcd91285d33d31212ba2b]
MMU Error: FAULT_PDE at 0x0

Resource Manager Info:
4443564e 000000a8 425c554f df678112 00000001 00000014 d3793533 46d3a4a6
4614f297 e71edccf 00088301 00000073 149a030a 820a0a00 00180713 01900050
923d0a01 380a3a13 00000024 0000000e 0000e001 00000f49 00000001 00000b49
00000000 00030447 000000ff 000000ff 000000ff 000000ff 000000ff 000000ff
13c2210a 1000081e 80a81800 200bf7e8 301f2813 50003803 dbcaaea0 804027d0
00004802 4443564e