4.2 Update breaks "Brightness" setting


Not sure if you are monitoring the Steam boards and/or know about this issue.

The latest update broke the “brightness” setting. It seems to be stuck on a high brightness level and the setting does nothing (very apparent when starting a new game and the Typhon faces never change in brightness when adjusting the setting).

I was looking forward to replaying once my physical awards arrive but this is game breaking because the visuals are completely washed out.

A rep on Steam said something like “we’ll fix this if we get enough other things to fix” - or something like that.

I hope that’s not the case. IMO this bug warrants a “hot fix” even if it’s just for this one fix.


The Steam rep was me, I should have been clearer; we fixed this internally as soon as it was reported, but we were holding off on releasing a hotfix with just that fix right away in case there was anything else we could squeeze in for the same update. Waiting to hear from the team this morning to see what else we can address.

The brightness slider issue is absolutely going to be fixed, we apologize for the hold-up!


Thank you for the prompt reply and the good news.