7/29/19 Is the game playable on PC?


After reading the first reviews from players on this game I said I was going to wait quite a while till things get sorted out. I was looking in my kickstarter list today and… well I am curious. Is the game playable? Are they making improvements? Should I just walk away for a few more months… or just walk away?


Weirdly, some people played through and were quite happy, while others are terribly miserable. No one knows the factors determining the wide discrepancy. If you have access to a copy, only you will know how well it plays for you. Sorry.


I was thinking it was more glaring bugs and broken gameplay from the first wave of reviews. If they have fixed it to playable I guess I can give it a go, chances are it is now what it will always be.


No point in waiting a few months, the game is as good as it’ll ever get, since they stopped doing major patches.

IMO They definitely improved the game a lot compared to the first version. I played and finished the game on Update 4 ( the latest one available ). I didn’t encounter any game-breaking bug, but there was definitely a large number of smaller bugs, still ( colliders, holes in the world, z-fighting, ghost objects, stuff floating in the air etc… ). And AI still sucked, just a bit less than previously.

It all depends on what your expectations are. Are you a fan of the original Ultima Underworld ? You’ll be disappointed. Are you looking for story, characters, complex quests and lots of interactivity ? Nope, you’ll still be very disappointed. But you might be okay if you like exploration games with very lite story / RPG elements.


Building off of Nyast’s point, the game is definitely in a better state compared to the November 2018 release.

There are a couple of minor bugs that may interfere with your experience, and we’re hoping to wrangle the worst of those in our last round of hotfixes for all platforms.


Hmmmm… I would like to hear more from someone who fits your description…


Thanks for the input. Glad to hear the game is in a better place. Sad that it didn’t blow the socks of the gaming community but you never know, I have liked a few games that most hated. All depends on if it scratches an itch… might even be one no game has scratched before. I will load it up soon and share my thoughts.


please do, and don’t stop after a couple of hours, give us a nice thorough analysis if you have the time


I have played it through a number of times.
I like the exploration piece but by the end of it I just don’t go back and find every door I didn’t unlock.
I like the RPG effect of skill points to level up…and I like how the game levels up over time. ie. It gets harder and will end if you don’t push back on the doom counter.
Yes there are some bugs - I had one level, one turn at that level where the NPC’s were there and killable but did not react…ok…so boring but I got a skill point that I would never have gotten before.
So swings and round-abouts if you like a grind and explore.
Suit up, stack up and go exploring - The ‘story’ (or quests) is only there to make you find the different places.