Heya Flug,

I’m not Walter OR Chris, but I’m here anyhow :slight_smile:

Update 2 is slated to roll out in about half an hour. As for the dev stuff for UA, we’ve shared what we can. Some things are harder to talk about (or we’re saving it for another update afterwards…)

For UA, my biggest focus as a CM is just to keep things rolling. UA at its core still has a lot of good and interesting design choices, even if there are some departures from some of the parts of Ultima Underworld I. (We’ve had discussions about this before; the Ultima-esque RPG elements, the exploration, the danger, the darkness, the resources…)

We’ll continue to let people judge the game for how it is. There’s a lot that’s going into Update 2, and I hope we can keep that rolling forward as we work on one more larger update for afterwards. We’re still discussing with our publisher how that next update might propagate. (Either DLC, another update, etc…)


To be clear, I don’t remember what game I was talking about when I said that, but it wasn’t the one I was working on.

Not that I’m not susceptible to loathing of my own work, but then that’s half the creative people I know.


Sam, thanks for taking the time to post. Grand staircase! I’m heartened that there’s talk of a further big update, that’s quite a big deal. As for the rest of it, I know there are constraints on what can be said… and the game is still being re-jig.

I’ve also realised Flatfingers was correct…my posts have hit the same angry and dirge notes a lot in recent weeks. It doesn’t justify it, but I’ve dealing with a serious family situation, and that stress has slipped into my comments. I’ll try and curb that.


Tim, good to hear you on here. Oh yes, self criticism… vital though. Do it before the other person does. :wink:


And the other half are lying.


I just wanted to jump in here and thank the team for stopping by. It sounds like not only will there be an Update2, but possibly even more coming! It sounds like Update2 may even be out by the time I post this.


Yeah, in the work I put out I only ever seem to see the flaws and how it could have been done better. Even when everybody else praises it, that’s just not something I can unsee. If I tried to make games, I don’t think I would ever finish one.


Abso-flippin’-lutely right. Acknowledging the rough spots in something you’ve created before the others can is just necessary self-protection.

Meanwhile, if while I’ve disagreed with some words lately I’ve tried to be polite about it, it’s because I know darn well that there’s another human being like me on the other end of these 1s and 0s. I hope your family things are resolved soon as best as they can be.