A few space-age innovations


Meta-materials that you let a small current through to make them see-through. I’m envisioning a rec deck where the cafeteria has a whole wide panorama opening to space that’s suddenly revealed when you flick a switch. This way windows don’t constitute a weakpoint.

Then there’s cleaning bots that don’t just suck it in, they instantly separate what they’ve collected into reusable components such as water, oil, and something that can be used as an emergency fire retardant. These are accessible in different containers.

Then there’s a device that takes a force field and temporarily weaponizes its energy in an arc on the other side.

One of the things Shodan can do is overload components to cause a sudden shower of sparks to scare hackers poopless. There’s even machines that look broken but still have some of their functionality left, such as swinging a loose robot arm to try to catch someone. It may not even be her intention to terminate the lifeform, perhaps just to toy with it, leaving room for actions that don’t necessarily lead into immediate mortal danger.

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