A System Shock movie


Has anyone thought about turning System Shock into a movie script?

Wouldn’t SS1 be quite unique stuff? (SS2 borrows too heavily from the Alien franchise imho).


Thinking about it, first thing that comes to mind is a film that would be all about showing the survival of a guy, while flashbacks occur showing what happened in the space station the days before everything went to hell. It would be possible to do something like it, but should we do something like it? The game is all about your experience in trying to survive the situation, something the film would not be able to give the spectator, so there’s much that is lost. If the film passed entirely in the past, showing the events that led to the point where the Hacker awakens, and then the rest you see playing the game, that’s a good selling point (for the game, that is), pretty much a marketing option, like Kingsglaive, the Final Fantasy XV movie.


Is that so different compared to Sigourney Weaver trying to survive in “Alien”?


With movies you watch, games you play, and in the case of System Shock, explore and discover, that’s the difference I talk about. But what you said is exactly the first thing that comes to mind. We would have something pretty close to an Alien experience.


SS2 already has its bases covered, go watch Event Horizon.


After decades of Sci-fi movies and literature, you probably find some elements of any conceivable storyline elsewhere.

But isn’t “AI goes nuts on a space station in tries to destroy earth” a pretty new idea?

One could perhabs do it in a Cloverfield style starting with the hacker waking up with no idea what the hell is going on. After some time (perhaps not right at the beginning), he starts receiving messages from Lansing and the picture begins to unfold. Add flashbacks to the stuff with Diego while the plot progresses. I’d say that could be an exciting way to narrate the story.

Of course, you have to change significantly change the story of the game. A linear progression Laser–>bio groves–>reactor–>life pod–>bridge would probably not work this way. Perhaps people like D’Arcy or other resistance groups could still be alive, perhaps trying to escape and leave it to the hacker to destroy SHODAN.

A talented screenwriter could surely turn this into exciting stuff.


Please don’t. If a cool story would make a great movie, why not make the movie instead of the game in the first place? Also I have yet to see a movie that ends up being just as good as the game (Warcraft was a bit too cheesy imo). My hopes currently rest on Half Life and Portal (J. J. Abrams). Even though I always thought Portal underlines the uniqueness of games much more than anything else I ever played.


Event Horizon is very close to System Shock 2.


Echoing that we don’t need a System Shock movie. That would only be a downgrade.


In 3D.