Achievements (spoilers)


Here’s the list of all achievements and their subtexts, along with suggestions for how to get them, in order of how common they are in Steam. I think these are also all feats, which give you a Memora point to spend on skills the first time you do them in any mission.

I’d love to get ideas on the ones I don’t have! Do you have some I don’t? How did you get them?

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  • 69.0% Hard To Reach: Switched a lever without touching it (You will almost certainly get this in the training level, throwing an object at the lever)[/li]

  • 49.3% Cautious First Steps Snuck by initial foes without being detected. (After patch 2, the very first foe can be killed - it’s just the three skeleton archers that follow, immediately after you’re told how to sneak! I have also got this just by running past all three, without sneaking, even though they saw me and were firing at me. New Game + skips this step, so has to be done with a regular game.)

  • 30.1% Untouchable Assassin: Defeated an enemy without being damaged. (Git gud? Or, sneak up behind with a decent weapon at high enough level and you can one-hit people)

  • 17.9% Dual Caster: Successfully casted a spell with two runestones. (“ᚢᛗ” is the first spell you can cast)

  • 17.6% Physics Kill: Caused an enemy to be killed by physics damage. (Chucking things at monsters does this, though I’ve also had it go off on its own, when they’re killed by traps etc)

  • 12.0% Incite Commotion: Enemies convinced to turn on each other. (Hitting each other accidentally seems to trigger this, too. Outcasts attacking monsters does not).

  • 9.6% Flawless Victory: Resolved a combat encounter against multiple opponents who detected me without taking damage. (Git gud, or use ranged weapons and dodge theirs. This triggered for me after bashing a bunch of people that I thought must fersure have hit me at least once… I guess not.)

  • 8.9% Crawstuck: Jammed a trap with an object. (I got this in a tutorial level when turning off a trap with a lever, but metal crates may also work)

  • 8.1% Long Jump: Leap Boldly Ascendant. (I’ve got this while jumping off cliffs, especially with various jumping skills… but the first time I got it was from trying to jump over a Ripper and getting smacked across a lake by it!)

  • 6.7% Secrets of the Deep Slugs: Hid in a Deep Slug smoke trail. (Crouch any time the slugs are smoky: sneaking around in Upper Erebus will likely trigger this on its own.)

  • 5.5% Silent Assassin: Killed an enemy without being detected. (In later levels you can sneak up and one-shot people from behind. Otherwise, attacking them in darkness can work, as can shooting them from afar.)

  • 4.7% Cat Burglar: Gathered a key item without being detected. (You’ll get this naturally if you get the challenge to not be detected)

  • 3.8% Fire Kill: Caused an enemy to be killed by Fire. (Merely holding a burning thing up to their face until they die is apparently not enough. Igniting the building around them seems to work.)

  • 3.6% Friend of Deep Slugs: Feed a Deep Slug one of it’s favorite foods. (Eyeless Nether Fish works. Drop it in front of them and ensure they eat it! They may need to bite it twice.)

  • 2.5% Deadly Sorcerer: Killed an enemy with spells. (Requires any ᚦ?-series spells.)

  • 2.0% Environment Master: Caused multiple enemies to be killed by physics damage. (This happens on its own in some levels, just by loading the level.)

  • 1.9% Night Vision: Because the darkness should fear you. (Seems to trigger from just crouching in the darkness after buying the night vision skill.)

  • 1.6% Parry: A good fighter knows when to Parry. (Requires the parry skill.)

  • 1.5% Unseen Ascendant: Resolved multiple quest objectives undetected. (If you get the challenge to do so multiple times, then you’ll get this for free.)

  • 1.3% Uncompromising Obstruction: Blocked an arrow with a held object. (hold a crate while you’re being shot at. Since this blocks their sight, maybe peek over it until they fire)

  • 1.2% Secrets of Wall Running: Used Wall Run off a free object. (Requires the Wall Run skill. This triggered naturally by running and jumping around the levels, but I think it was from a table)

  • 1.0% Long Wall Run: The world is your playground. (Requires the Wall Run skill, and a long enough wall. I’ve had this going down stairs in Marcaul, but a long corridor might be a better bet.)

  • 0.9% What Wizards Know and Others Don’t: Rebranded a wand with a new spell. (Requires the Focus Mastery skill, then just rightclick while holding a wand, select a spell, and rightclick again. Don’t do it with a wand that uses runes you don’t have, or you won’t be able to get its original spell back!)

  • 0.6% Pounce: Pounced on an enemy. (Requires the Pounce skill. Jump onto their head, Mario-style, from a ledge, or above them on stairs, or just from the ground if you have good enough jump skills. Often a 1-hit kill, especially in combination with other passives like Ambush.)

  • 0.6% Seasoned Silent Assassin: Killed several enemies without being detected. (You can one-shot people from stealth with damage-boosting skills and weapons. Otherwise, attacking them in darkness can work, as can shooting them from cover.)

  • 0.4% Cheated Death: Used “Merciful Fate” to cheat death. (Requires Merciful Fate skill. Easiest way to get this is to plant a tree near creatures and let them kill you several times, until this triggers.)

  • 0.3% Formulaic Expert: Successfully casted a spell with four runestones. (Requires enough runes, but ᛉᛒᚱ? where ? is any rune from the right of the wheel, is a level-1 spell to fire that thing as a missile, though this exploits a bug so may be fixed. See my post on spells for other 4-rune spells.)

  • 0.3% Pyromaniac: Caused multiple enemies to be killed by Fire. (Again, this Just Happens in some levels, but lighting the house they’re standing in on fire doesn’t hurt.)

  • 0.2% Mind Killer: A Mind Crippler was killed indirectly. (Holding a burning item against it (eg burning orb) can trigger this: getting it killed in a fight with a monster or animus does not.)

  • 0.2% Saurian Slide: The Saurians passed this technique down for generations. (requires the skill of the same name.)

  • 0.1% Tripwire Expert: Killed an enemy with a tripwire. (Requires a tripwire. Place in hotbar, activate, and move mouse to position shadow image of tripwire across a hallway. Can kill a skeleton.)
    Ones that I don’t have, and would love help and advice with:

  • 1.8% Pit Fallen: Killed an enemy with a trap.(many enemies have been killed with traps: any tips? Must it be a pit trap?)

  • 0.7% Bark & Bite: Defeated a Ripper. (any idea how you have to defeat it? I’ve slain them with swords, fire, missiles…)

  • 0.2% Trapper: Killed multiple enemies with traps.

  • 0.0% Undetected Distraction: Caused a creature to investigate a sound, but was undetected. (I have distracted creatures with thrown or carried object sounds, and by breaking glass bottles, but not got this. Bugged?)

  • 0.0% Arcane Regeneration: Regained a massive amount of health using Arcane Regeneration. (A skill)

  • 0.0% Weaponized Slug: Killed an enemy using a Deep Slug trail.

  • 0.0% Diverting Behavior: Caused an enemy to investigate a sound. (like Undetected Distraction: bugged?)

  • 0.0% Trapper Keeper: Bound or stuck in place a creature, who was then dispatched by a trap device.

  • 0.0% Bound Time: Dispatched an enemy who was bound while time was slowed.

  • 0.0% Dynamics of Reversal: Reflected projectile. (Reflect spell MAY be ᛒᛉᛖ, which appears to be removed. Rune wand is marked as “REMOVED”.)

  • 0.0% Balancing Act: Balanced on a plank. (I messed about for a long time with a plank, but with no success. Tips?)

  • 0.0% Combo Attack: Performed a combo attack with a sword, axe, or without a weapon. (Is this skill dependent?)

  • 0.0% Box Master: Jumped on a levitated box (Is this a spell? What runes? It does not seem to be ᚾᛃ (Bind wood) or ᛖᛃ (Move Wood) so far as I can tell.)

  • 0.0% Meteoric Demise: Killed an enemy with a burning crate. (I have held the burning crates up to their melting faces until they died and didn’t get this. I’ve tried with the crate sitting beside them in case carrying it didn’t count. Do I have to beat them to death with the flaming crate?)

I suspect several, particularly the 0% ones, are broken/bugged achievements.


Got Friend of Deep Slugs and Deadly Sorcerer.

24 down, 21 to go!


Oh boy! The Saurian Slide already jumps to mind… I’m surprised more people haven’t tried it.

My hint is to try running and crouching on a hill… Underswamp has a good candidate for this.


Hey, I think you found a bug with the spell parser, doubling up ᛉ and ᚱ like that (the ᚱ cancels the ᛉ).

It’s probably not the most important thing on my list, but since I’m out sick today, it might be about as much as I have brain for. :slight_smile:

Very cool to see you digging into the game like this.


Bah, fixing our cheaty level-one achieves! :D Go you, you bugfixin’ demon you!

And for digging into the game… hee hee, you don’t know the half of it :D It really makes me appreciate the amount of development that’s gone into the game, seeing just the vast amount of stuff that’s there to dig into and document :D

I’m looking to add a big infodump to some wiki somewhere, since posts here are not editable :(

[Edit: after forum upgrade, posts are now editable. However, I’ll be updating the underwiki rather than this post!]


Does this mean that ᛉ and ᚱ might become valid for spell effects/nouns rather than just aiming effects? I’m currently looking at these as being possibly bugged part of formulas, since they don’t work as the first term in a spell with a “target” rune.

But it seems that there are “Protect” spells intended: not only do I see strings for “Protect Beast” and “Protect Person”, I also see a note from Draupnir:

You are in far too deep now, sister. Our road has never been more dangerous. Allow me to Protect you with a field of Fire or Air. –Draupnir

Note also that, both from my experience in-game, and looking at the data files, it seems that some of the runes do not appear to exist in game. Specifically ᚠ and ᛇ exist only on the wands Hidemender (ᚢᚠ) and Earthpatch (ᚢᛇ) respectively, and other runes don’t exist at all, which means that spell formulas like like ᛒᚠ, ᛒᛇ, ᛖᚠ, ᚦᚠ, ᛒᚠ, ᛒᛇ, ᚦᚺ can’t be formed, even though they are hinted at by ingame strings and graffiti:

With this knowledge, I can Create Beasts, boulders of the Earth, balls of Fire... Such powers are yours for the asking, sister, if you would cease your chase. –Draupnir
Why sneak like a common Outcast, when you can walk untouched, Dahlia. When Abyssal Beasts grow overbold, I simply Move or Bind them. –Draupnir

There’s also the idiomatic spell ᛒᛏᚠ - “Cloud of Flies” which sounds a ton of fun but if Draupnir is to be believed, it requires ᚠ.

Dahlia, I hope you didn't find my swarms too disconcerting. Creatures great and small obey now that I know to Create the Spirits of Beasts. –Draupnir


Right now they’re only used for aiming effects and certain idioms (ᚱ, for example, is used in a couple of clairvoyance effects).

That’s an error on our part. The “protect” verb was cut during development.

You are correct that the ᚠ and ᛇ runes aren’t currently available. The Hidemender and Earthpatch wands were left in-game because those specific spells were ready to go and they are useful for repairing equipment.

Fun fact: that’s a nod to one of the spells in our spin-off game Underworld Overlord.