Adding content in Update 3 or 4?


Title says it all! So far the first two updates seem to have made the game playable and functional… do we know whether the third update may be?

Personally, I’m hoping for it to add story and content. NPCs, lore and monsters, I hope. I’ve been carefully following the progress, and based on what I’m reading now I’m determined to wait to play until those issues have been addressed, even if it means waiting for DLC.

EDIT: Ah, I’ve just seen the “ongoing updates” thread a little way down the page. Heck, I’m leaving this up anyway. You can never talk too much about adding more story/monsters!


There’s not going to be an Update 4; Update 3 will be the last one, and there will never be any added content. The game will remain the same broken promise forever.


Eh… honestly, I don’t really believe that. I have no doubt there will be some DLC, and it was indicated there will be a “beyond update 3” in the other thread. I don’t know how satisfying it will be, but I don’t doubt there will be something.


I’d imagine the reponse to the console version may have (some) influence on future plans, if positive? Overall Steam scores are picking up, though not without controversy.


Update 3 is still mostly focused on performance, load times and bug fixes. We made some pretty major improvements to the first two, which we’re really happy with. On the bug side, it’s been focus on the bigger issues we’ve seen reported, particularly crashes, physics, movement, inventory stuff, etc. We’re still testing so we’ll see what makes the final cut as always–the focus continues to be on making things better, not worse
Update 4 is still being scoped so I don’t want to say much. We are looking to add some stuff with it as well as continue to polish what we have. More soon!

DLC - we’ll see. It’s still not a priority at this point. We did have DLC in the original plan but we’ve been taking the time and budget set aside for that to do these updates. I’m not comfortable selling things when the right thing to do is to get the game in better shape.


Is there an ETA for Update 3?

Thank you


Ballpark is by the end of March. Quality trumps fixing a date at this point, we re-learned that lesson the hard way. That said, this update is easier to basically put a stopping point on due to the nature of the work, i.e., no new big stuff means we can just pick a cut off time for stopping the bug fixing. The performance work is actually mostly done.


What are the (tentative) plans for future content, if any ? By this I mean features that don’t currently exist, not refinements. If none, it would be good to know upfront. We know what happens with future speculation when it goes unchecked… On the other hand, if content is possible, I’m sure people would like a say. Either way, I guess it’s all about scope.


I get it, do a better job setting expectations, something we didn’t do a good job with previously. I’ll come back to this thread.


Thanks, I think people will appreciate it.


Thank you for the info OSE Walter.

I’m crossing my fingers you find why certain levels like Under Swamp have an “unload level” problem where the process can take up to several minutes. I thought you had it taken care of in the last Update / Hot Fix but I experienced it again (posted it to this forum a week or so ago, including the output log info).


I get that… but I worry for you guys. The point of DLC was to get more income, and I suspect sales were below predictions as well :frowning:
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