Aelita Must Be Out of Cash


Minor point, but there is no obvious indication why I can’t sell Aelita certain items. It must be because she is out of gold. It would be nice if there was some sort of visual indication or text response. Too late probably for her to actually say, “I don’t have enough gold for that.”

Another minor point, and would make sense for in game/world reasons, but it’s been pretty easy to load up on pricey items, fill my storage chest, and end up having to toss items because I couldn’t sell them to Aelita. It would be more satisfying to give Aelita more of an allowance of gold and have me trade items in for gold I’ll never use, than to fill my storage chest and end up tossing items because I couldn’t sell them or store them.


Got it, added both notes to our bug/updates tracker


I have encountered the same issue as well. I have tried to sell items, the trade does not go through but get no reason as to why. And considering she sells stuff for up to 5000 coins (at least one helm), she should have copious amounts of funds with which to purchase goods with.

She could be saying something but I rarely play any games with audio on.