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A German gaming site mention:

IncGamers (fans of ol’ Thief):


I had to give you guys a shoutout on the Tor blogs:


There’s a nice video from IGN up on youtube


Now’s a good time for me to restate my gratitude. Lotsa warm fuzzies, here, a sense of a return to something lost, and excitement for what’s new to be discovered. Thank you, thank you, thank you.


Hi everyone,

I’m very excited about the news because I like the Underworlds so much. Ultima Underworld - The Stygian Abyss was the first Ultima I’ve ever played - and finished - many years ago. For me the two Underworld are still one of the best games of all times. And now we can hope of a spiritual successor - this are really good news.

Maybe you know my Ultima Underworld walkthrough - I’m even busy with writing an interactive UW2 walkthrough.

I will pledge Underworld Ascendant by all means :slight_smile:


Loved your page. I think I read most of the stuff on it. Glad to see you here in support of this project.


Thanks for the shout out!


Your page, not only brings great memories to me, but also helped me greatly when I played the games ages ago… Thank you for having such a great place and the effort made into collecting all the information about the Ultima Saga!


Awesome Sir Cabirus!! 2 thumbs up for that!


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