Ankh that plays music when treasure is near? / (Backpack)


I equipped this digital award but I don’t hear any distinctive melody when I’m near a chest.

Has anyone else gotten this to work or is it me or is it just busted?

BTW, beware the backpack that extends inventory. I haven’t nailed down the specifics but it looks like there’s a problem if you have more than the normal amount of inventory items based on not having the pack then pick up stuff, etc. (normal count is something like 20 and backpack makes it 40 - something like that) - stuff seems to disappear. I picked up some chainmail as a quest item and it wasn’t in my inventory when I transferred back to the hub so I restored back to the level and the chainmail didn’t appear in my inventory when I picked up until I dropped enough stuff to make room based on the inventory count without the backpack - in other words had to have less than 20 items in inventory.

Thank you


Morning, Curt! I’ll check in about the ankh and backpack issues; I don’t think we’ve seen this yet. Thanks for the report!


Hrm - as a mechanic, the ankh probably can’t detect chests, since the items it would detect don’t exist until you open the chest. I’d expect it to detect dropped loot, and hidden coin bags, but not chests, crates, jars, etc which could spawn loot.

Unless chests themselves are (or can be put) on its list of items to detect?