Any news about future updates?


Happy holidays everyone! Any news about updates for Underworld Ascendant for X1/PS4/PC? Especially about late patch for X1.

I wish you great achievements and creative innovations in new year.:wink::+1:


Yeah, it’s a real pity if they stop putting out hotfixes, I just started playing and am really enjoying it!

So far the only issues I’ve noticed are:

  1. Inventory tool-tip flashes up and down on me (might be due to my resolution? 1680x1050)
  2. Skeleton flip up off the ground animation is a bit janky.
  3. Water bottles smashing when I carry them is annoying.

But yeah apart from those, really liking it so far!


From August 12 of last year:
“We expect these hotfixes to be the last improvements we make to Underworld Ascendant unless we receive reports of game-breaking bugs on any platforms. As many of you know, it’s been a personal company commitment to the game to work on it past launch to get it to its current state, and we are now reaching the end of the budget and timeline set aside for UA updates. After our hotfix releases, the [Boston] team will pivot its focus to SS3 and the unannounced IP that is still in pre-production.”


I wonder how close the new project was to exiting pre-production and moving into production when the Great Plague of 2020 struck.

I’m quiet, but I still visit here pretty much every day just to see if there’s any news.