Apr 1 Weekly Update! [Not April Fool's]


How about an undercurrent that will push a player away from the rewards area if they try to dive? Or a water force field that disappears if the water disappears?


Or just include an obstruction that lowers with the water. Water grate on bouys, debris piles, etc.


What systems are in place for drowning? Can the path be lengthened, with a sense of “you’ll want to turn back now?”


I thought with Unity, porting to Mac or Linux was very easy ? What’s with the game “being ported by an external company” ? Can you elaborate on why you guys seem to be struggling in this area ? Isn’t the engine supposed to take care of all that stuff for you ?


You know, this really is an excellent idea. It solves most of the problems in a way that is both plausible within the world and restores (if sparingly) a feature from the original Underworld games.

I make no comment regarding how hard this might be to implement. :grin:


From our Lead Engineer, Will, from Dec 2017 explaining the Mac and Linux situation: (full post here)

And then following up with him this morning, he confirmed this is still the case. It takes man hours away from Will from fixing bugs and working on the core game experience to build for Mac and Linux and then test them. We don’t have any in-house dedicated Mac and Linux at the moment, and it seems that the biggest issues tend to be shaders not porting over correctly. In order to alleviate pressure on Will, we’re hiring out an external Mac and Linux porter so those issues can be worked out at the same time as us working on the game.


I’m passing along the drowning and undercurrent ideas to Justin, who’s wrestling with the water situation right now :slight_smile:
Tricky to say what is easier to design / code in without introducing issues, but we’ll work with what we can.


+1 for undercurrent.


I think it’s okay if the player can work around the intended solution to reach a reward, it just ought to be challenging. Add some piranhas or something to make it tricky.


Undercurrent, or plain flow… It has worked well before.


Wooden obstructions. Planks, etc.
You can’t fight underwater, which means you can’t smash them.
You can’t use fire underwater, so they won’t burn.


Thank you! Good luck with Update 4.


Thanks everyone! Saving this week’s weekly update with more Update 3 links and information, since we’re slating Update 3 to be released sometime tomorrow (Wednesday, April 10) around noon - 1pm ET. If not tomorrow, should be this week. We’ll be releasing the soundtrack and digital novel at the same time too.


I’m guessing that poison or corrosive water for that room alone won’t work?


I don’t want to spoil too much about these puzzle rooms, but essentially you can “see” the entrance to it underwater in a larger area, so the idea is that you would be inclined to use the materia modus to unlock access to that room and seek out its treasures.

Changing the property of the water would be an interesting change, but I don’t think it would be fair if we ONLY made those areas corrosive water, since they would essentially look the same as areas with non-toxic water…

…Unless perhaps we changed the shader of that water for those areas… hmm…

I believe Justin (our Lead Level Designer) has decided on some kind of undercurrent and/or changed the level geometry around so it’s harder to access without using the materia modus first, but it wasn’t a bad idea!


Man, if changing values is all it takes to change the appearance, that’s much easier than applying different textures. If it’s meant to look like contaminated water, than color differences would be enough. Opacity values wouldn’t even need to be necessary.

Elegant solutions, least number of steps… But then, players can really surprise with their reactions, eh?


I have an idea for a puzzle room: put somebody in a library with two clearly marked exits. You have one hour to get out.


The 20 possible solutions are each in a hidden book! Which one‽‽


Frank Stockton suggested a somewhat similar idea in 1882 in “The Lady, or the Tiger?


Just as an aside, thanks for adding “Not April Fool’s” to this. I appreciated the clarity at the time, on a day when no website can be trusted.