April 16 2019 Weekly Update


Morning everyone! Apparently I used this exact title last year when posting about our PAX demo… how time flies.

Not much to share this week as we work on bug fixing for Update 4… it’s going to be this way for awhile. As I mentioned in my not-april-fool’s post, we’re aiming to get Update 4 out at the same time as our final build pass for our console ports, which are due at the end of this month. Not a lot of time for either of those, but we may be looking at a brief 2 week extension depending on our status at the end of this week. We’ll just have to see. Many of these bug-fixes are centered around tuning and polishing up the behaviors and functionality of the added NPCs, including enemies, and making sure that the faction rebalance that Joe has been working hard on is implemented correctly.

As an aside note, I’ve confirmed that of the four runes unavailable in Update 3, ONLY the beast rune will be added for Update 4. I know this is a shame for the spell casters and completionists who would like to see the entire rune table fleshed out, but given the time and our manpower, this is the best we can do. Note that this rune, as well as a couple of “rarer” runes will be hand-placed throughout the levels instead of just leaving it solely up to a drop chance in chests.

I’d also like to thank @Browncoat_Jayson for assisting us with proofreading the Tracy Hickman novella that was just digitally released. There were a couple of minor errors and some SotA-specific terminology that our team wasn’t familiar with, so that text is being updated today, as well as with an updated graphic on the first page. Thank you for your edits!

Following basic community questions, we’ve also added console icons to the underworldascendant.com site and updated thewiki link to the underwiki.

Phew! I think that’s just about it; I’m going to be looking into ways to allow players to buy the novella and soundtrack if they were not backers* as well as cleaning up the novella today, and then assisting QA and keeping up with all of you for the rest of this week.

*Steam is an option, but I know a number of backers AND non-backers would like a way to purchase that isn’t tied to downloading or using Steam. If you have a preference, let us know!


Thank you for the opportunity to help with the novella. I had a lot of fun reading, and getting to make suggestions for improvement.

The UnderWiki is still a work in progress, but if anyone sees anything that needs fixed, please let me know. There is a lot of information to get added (in multiple languages!), but @Dewi_Morgan and I are hard at work on it.



Thank you! I was sad to have missed that boat :D I’d be 100% OK with Steam.


Very cool, thanks for the update.

Quick question - I am a backer and PS4 customer, and am waiting on the console release before I get the game. How do I go about downloading the digital version of the Novella?



If you backed at a high enough tier. Or bought it as an add on, you can download it from BackerKit. Otherwise, it should be available to purchase from Steam soon. Doesn’t sound like there will be a stand-alone purchase, unfortunately.


i have it as part of my backer package, i just don’t know how to access it. Is there a specific page I can visit to download it?


go to backerkit: https://www.backerkit.com/

click on the " Find Your Backer Survey" and follow the directions:

Recovering your survey link is simple:

  1. Search for the project you backed below and click on ‘Go To Project’ button.
  2. Under the ‘Lost your survey?’ section, enter the email you used for the project.
  3. Press ‘Get My Survey’ button, and you’ll receive another email with your survey link!


Is releasing it all through GOG.com still in the making? You can download an installer from there without the need to install anything else but the game. And you can download the extra content, soundtrack, manuals and other PDFs, artworks, … you name it, as well.


Thank you for the quick reply!


Thanks for helping out, Browncoat Jayson and TrenchKnife!

@andth : further GOG talks are still on hold until post-Update 4, so we wouldn’t be able to sell the novella and soundtrack there until the game is approved, most likely. We’re looking into more immediate solutions if we can, which may even include setting up a direct paypal link on our website like we did with pledges in 2015.

That’s one of the options we’re leaning towards, in addition to releasing them on Steam, if we can.


Ok, so I appreciate all the assistance, but now I have more questions.

The survey I am required to take does not take into account any possibility of a console version. I am being asked if I want a Steam key or a DRM-Free key, and if my primary gaming machine is windows, mac, or Linux.

Do I have to answer these to get the download? Will choosing “Windows” and “DRM-Free” lock me into these options and remove my ability to play on the PS4 when it is available?


The game reward does not include console versions, as far as I know. Backers receive a PC release, and console ports will be sold separately.

OtherSide can confirm, but that is the last that I recall hearing.


I confirmed with Otherside directly that console versions would indeed be covered.

EDIT: Actually, looks like I mis-remembered this. And now I grow a bit concerned :frowning:

Here is the quote from otherside:
We’re still working out how KS backers may receive console keys; more info as we pass launch!

Otherside, is there any way to get an official update on this?


Hi Bubonic,

To confirm, console keys are not covered under our Kickstarter backer distribution. Only PC/Mac/Linux keys are, as originally promised. UWA is able to come to consoles because of our publisher, 505 Games, but that contract is outside of Kickstarter.

We would love to provide console keys for our backers, but while ordering digital Steam keys is free, ordering console keys would not be.


bummer. Ok well thanks for letting me know.


Thank you for making some rare runes “hand-placed” like in Ultima Underworld. I dislike random loot, so this is good news. I look forward to update 4!