Arkane founder Raf Colantonio has founded a new immersive sim studio


New game will be announced at The Game Awards on December 12th.


Hope springs eternal. Let’s see what they can do…


Raf is a great guy, I hope the new studio does well and makes some great stuff!


Huh, it’s not first-person:


Not too convincing trailer I think. The girl talking certainly sounded weird. I assume action RPG means flowing combat (no turns). Anything interesting I can see for the time being are some weird murderous stories in the wild west.

EDIT. The graphics are not that appealing either. I really never have liked half baked 3D games. Either you use something like Unreal Engine 4 and make everything shine, or you stick with 2D. The worst looking games ever released were made in the PlayStation/Nintendo 64 era. It was 3D for sure, exciting and new, but damn those polygons and resolution. Yuck! I would appreciate technically even lesser graphics similiar to the game below (without the tearing). Handcrafted 2D animations looked good back then and even today, though I understand that some game logic elements may require 3D modelling to work effortlessly.