Arkane founder Raf Colantonio has founded a new immersive sim studio


New game will be announced at The Game Awards on December 12th.


Hope springs eternal. Let’s see what they can do…


Raf is a great guy, I hope the new studio does well and makes some great stuff!


Huh, it’s not first-person:


Not too convincing trailer I think. The girl talking certainly sounded weird. I assume action RPG means flowing combat (no turns). Anything interesting I can see for the time being are some weird murderous stories in the wild west.

EDIT. The graphics are not that appealing either. I really never have liked half baked 3D games. Either you use something like Unreal Engine 4 and make everything shine, or you stick with 2D. The worst looking games ever released were made in the PlayStation/Nintendo 64 era. It was 3D for sure, exciting and new, but damn those polygons and resolution. Yuck! I would appreciate technically even lesser graphics similiar to the game below (without the tearing). Handcrafted 2D animations looked good back then and even today, though I understand that some game logic elements may require 3D modelling to work effortlessly.


Very late reply, but I couldn’t ignore it.

“Either you use something like Unreal Engine 4 and make everything shine, or you stick with 2D.”

This is like saying if you want to make art using paint you use something like oil and you paint like Rembrandt, or you stick to sculpting. This kind of mentality is exactly the reason why all games look and play the same boring way and it has to stop. There’s nothing wrong with trying different things with 3d graphics.

I wonder what UUA would have been like if the team wasn’t so hellbent on having “state of the art AAA graphics!”. I’d have taken PS2 era graphics if it meant more focus could be put on gameplay depth.

Thanks and I love you.


Hellbent on state of the art AAA graphics? Where did you get that from? Sounds to me like you now have a reason to relax a bit.

Also, since it’s a point of confusion that comes up a lot, there was no Ultima here, just Underworld.