Arx Fatalis 2


Arx Fatalis is best RPG I ever played to date. I have one simple question. Will there ever be Arx Fatalis 2 or sequel? I will not be able to die in peace if the answer is no. :smiley:


Why not. I love the spell system. :smiley:


It’s up to Arkane I guess. I don’t think a project like this would have a good chance to survive a publisher pitch, though.


I’m curious: why not?

I would think they have the resources, with two studios (in France and Texas), both of which are nearing the end of their latest projects (Dishonored 2 and nu-Prey).

The only publisher they’d have to convince that AF2 is 1) feasible (see above) and 2) probably profitable (see below) is Bethesda/Zenimax, with whom they already have a relationship.

So factoring in nostalgia, is there something inherent in the idea or execution of the original Arx Fatalis that you think would make it unlikely to turn a profit?

The one thing that occurs to me is that the primary interface mechanic of the original PC game – the main thing most people who played Arx Fatalis will remember about it – is the gestural spellcasting. Presumably a sequel should have something similar. So how would that work using a console controller?

Would a modern sequel to AF sell enough copies if it ditched that interface mechanic?


The original had a console release, and it handled the gesture spell system by using the D-pad in certain combinations.


Well, I’ll be. Sure enough – thanks for the correction.

I will note that Wikipedia (now that I’m actually doing elementary research) says:

This gestural interface was simplified in the Xbox version to account for the limitations of the joypad. Each direction of the directional pad corresponds to a different mouse direction and different combinations of directions are entered with the directional pad to draw runes and correspondingly cast spells. A queue of up to 3 spells can be cast in advance, ready to be activated at the press of a button. There is also an instant magic mode that allows the player to simply select the desired spell they want to cast from a list of learned spells during gameplay.


Because old school dungeon crawlers/RPGs don’t sell as well as action games. Just take the latest Bethesda Fallout for example – what was first and foremost a roleplaying game has basically been turned into a shoot-n-loot open world action game. Bethesda’s development house has been streamlining the formula until franchises as different as Fallout and Elder Scrolls are looking pretty similar at this point.


That is true enough. I’m hoping that UA opens the door for these kinds of games again. All it takes is something daring to set a trend and make some money… than the bigger companies take notice. Although I do think an Arkane-backed Arx Fatalis II would do better than people think with the right marketing strategy.


Not to belabor the point, but Bethesda is a game developer operating under ZeniMax, who publishes the games made by the sister companies of Bethesda such as id and Arkane and Zenimax Online.

Just because the Fallout and Elder Scrolls franchises are sharing some high-level design features of open-world games – because Bethesda makes both – doesn’t mean Arkane must copy those elements in a game they make.

So the question would seem to be, would a dungeon crawler RPG from Arkane probably sell enough units to be worthwhile for ZeniMax to agree to publish it?


Zenimax was actually created by the founder of Bethesda. In any case, it owns the Bethesda publishing company, the Bethesda game studio and Arkane, so they are all a big happy Zenimax family (that is, unless the hostile takeover rumors were true, of course).

And yes, the question is indeed whether Arx Fatalis would sell as well as a more mainstream action-oriented game.


If we ever get another Arx game, it will probably be significantly different in setting from the first one.

I’d imagine that Bethesda probably looks at the first Arx as being a little too close to The Elder Scrolls to be comfortable making a direct sequel. People see that Bethesda name as the publisher, and they see a Medieval-style first person RPG, and they might get the wrong idea.

Still, I have to imagine that they’d like to use the IP they acquired at some point, in some fashion.


Well, reboots are kind of popular these days with Bethesda. Prey, Doom, Wolfenstein…


Two of the three reboots are good at least, 1 remains to be seen.


There is no reason a modern action game has to suck necessarily. I’m just saying that a game like Arx Fatalis would probably not survive the publisher pitch today. It would have to be something more in line with other stuff that Bethesda is publishing these days. Tone at the top and all that jazz.

It’s a sad state of affairs, but games like Torment or Fallout or Underworld don’t have much chance in the AAA world anymore. It has to be the indie scene that carries the torch.


Bloody capitalism… Well I say let it be different but keep major elements that made it so great for me:

  1. Spell System( runes must stay)
  2. Inventory and crafting system (bag system definitely stay, crafting can improve with recipes lets say)
  3. Ambient sound (god damn art it was, I felt fear in that I never felt before nor after in any game)
  4. Stay true to lore elements of Arx Fatalis (must!)
  5. Game-play mechanics (stealth and pickpocket system can improve, character talking to himself is good and grim)

Improve on all other aspects, but keep the unique spirit alive! Man when I was first time attacked in caves by rat man that vanishes I was bloody terrified to the end of the game by every bloody sound. :smiley:

Ans one more thing I forgot to mention. There is not a single thing generic in this game. I hate bloody generic thing in RPGs. Every single item, character, etc. is where is meant to be. All thing generic are killing RPG if you ask me… thats why I got bored pretty fast playing sandbox RPGs…

Game will sell like gold with good marketing, back in the time it went under the radar for some reason, but I still remember on my old PC game looked gorgeous and still looks to day compared to Elder Scrolls 3 Morrowind, and still I couldn’t even install Morrowind on that same PC. Compare graphics, compare story, compare quests, compare freedom, compare element of wonder and surprise… if you ask me it blows away Morrowind by far, BTW loved Morrowind too, not hater. :slight_smile:

People I could write you a book… probably biggest fan of game on Earth… :smiley: Better yet Arcane, employ me as advisor, I will play Arx Fatalis and translate it in modern RPG that will sell, I am extremely good with analytics. :smiley:


It’s ironic because the spellcasting is actually easier with a joypad (in the PC version). Low gradient angular resolution of a thumbstick makes it easier to stay in a straight line, rather than having to be pixel precise with a mouse. The difference feels like fine line drawing with a ruler.

And yeah, would love an Arx 2, but…providing this game is good there is no need, as of course Arx was inspired by Underworld.
If Arkane were to develop an Arx 2 I’d be highly skeptical. They’re a AAA publisher-owned studio now. That means nothing “hardcore” would come of it.


Kickstarter Arx Fatalis 2 and you win.


Prey is not a reboot, it’s a placeholder. They took an unrelated game and slapped the Prey name on it to keep the rights from potentially reverting, and opening the door for Human Head to finish their project.

It’s kind of a dick move, to be honest. Arkane’s game looks great, but it isn’t Prey.


Be that as it may (and I’m well aware of the stories behind the scenes), it’s still a reboot of the franchise. And it’s not really unprecedented for projects to change like that mid-way either. Underworld itself took on the Ultima brand back in the day.

Also, the rights for Prey would not have reverted because Bethesda/Zenimax owns the rights. They bought them in 2009 from 3D Realms:


And we are here talking about Arx Fatalis 2 :smiley: