Arx Fatalis @ Raspberry Pi 2 (with OpenGL ES wrapper)


I just got everything to click in, and couldn’t resist posting in a new thread :slight_smile:
Here’s the video:

And here are the binaries and instructions:
Compiled on a current Raspbian-Installation. I only tested this on a new Raspberry Pi 2, but feel free to try it on those A or B(+) models out there :slight_smile:

If you want to try this, you need a legal copy of Arx Fatals (original CD, GOG- or Steam-Version) and move some files into the extracted ‘arx/data’ folder:

[font=courier]data2.pak to data/data2.pak
LOC.pak to data/loc.pak
data.pak to data/data.pak
SFX.pak to data/sfx.pak
SPEECH.pak to data/speech.pak
misc/Logo.bmp to data/misc/logo.bmp
misc/.ttf to data/misc/.ttf[/font]

make sure every file is in lower case letters!

Run ‘’ from a terminal window inside xwindows to launch the game.
Have fun!


Does audio work as well?


Yes, audio works. At least via HDMI. I didn’t test the audio jack though …


Tested the binary on a Raspberry Pi B+
It “walks” at about 5fps, so unfortunately unplayable.

but still better than software rendering, which only has 1 Frame per 1-2 Minutes :slight_smile:


Too bad, but I suspected that. Should get myself a Raspberry Pi 2 someday.


Holy MOLY! I am going to pounce that!