August 19 2019 Weekly Update


Morning everyone! Getting right to it:

PC Hotfix 4.2 / Mac / Linux is scheduled for 12 pm PT / 3 pm ET today!

On a related note, I’m still waiting for Valve to approve the following Kickstarter items, so those will be rolled out this week:

  • Dark Elf Kinsman Buckler
  • Chalice of Cabirus
  • Dancing Jade Dagger
  • Lyrical Lute
  • Little Friends Claw Knuckles
  • 20 Steel Tipped Arrows (replacing the Sling with 8 Splatter Seeds for functionality)

PS4 / Xbox Hotfix:
PS4 is close to release, we just need to have our publisher confirm the build notes and wrap up the process. I would expect this to launch by mid-week or later this week.

Xbox One hotfix is also close to release, there’s one more build we want to test before we can get it ready for the release process.

Kickstarter Timeline

Originally we had promised that we would start shipping physical goods early this summer, and it’s nearly the end of August. We apologize for the delays.

I would like to send out a bigger KS update once the PC/Mac/Linux release is finalized, the KS goods are on their way, and I get an update from Fangamer as we wrap up the last few digital goods that they were waiting on us for, such as the final game version for the physical discs and the Making of UA DVD that I’ve been working on this month. I am hoping to get that KS update out this week, by Wednesday or Friday.

As always, if you need to update your shipping address or have any questions about the game, feel free to reach out to us at or ping me here.


I take it there will be no PS4 update this week? I’m wondering if it will ever be released!


Sadly not this week; for PS4, we’re hoping to get one last fix in to prevent late-game scene transition crashes. Our engineer is really busy this week, so console hotfix build isn’t estimated until NEXT WEEK at the EARLIEST. We’ll update you when we’re closer!