August 26 Weekly Update! More Hotfixes


Hey everyone!

PC/Mac/Linux: The brightness slider issue reported last week has been fixed internally. We were waiting to hear back from the community over the weekend for more bugs that could be addressed in a hotfix, and we’re testing this on our live builds this week. Will roll out the hotfix as soon as we can.

BONUS LINUX: We have received some reports of Linux players being unable to download the full game from Steam and only being able to download the Underworld map instead. We are looking into this, and suspect it’s either a Steamworks or player-OS issue at this time. If you are a Linux player and experiencing this issue, we would greatly appreciate hearing as much about your setup as possible in case this helps us isolate the real issue.

PS4: There is one last bug that we are hoping to address before we push a hotfix, which is a crash that can occur between transition screens later in the game (in the last two levels). We are gauging our engineer’s schedule this week to see if we can push this by next week at the earliest.

Xbox One: There is a submission blocker which relies on the same engineer to address it, where a player changing profiles can corrupt a save. We will be working on both the PS4 and Xbox One hotfix issues for the most part this week, once the brightness slider hotfix is confirmed and can be pushed along.

In the meantime, I’m still chugging along on this Making of UA DVD. I really want to get this out of the way, so I apologize for the hold-up for all of you waiting on this, especially since it slows down the physical production for the KS goods.

Last week I was distracted by community bug reports and coordinating some assets between Fangamer and a DRM-free site. I also need to bug Valve again for some KS items that I ordered that I never received keys for so I can distribute the additional backer rewards. As always, thelive-tracking KS items sheet is here.


Thank you for whatever you can manage at this stage!