August 5 2019 Weekly Update!


Morning everyone!

Sadly, same PS4 and Xbox One publishing build blocker as last week. We received some suggestions from both companies, including re-uploading new sdks, so we’ll be watching loading bars this morning to see if those are ready. Once they are, we’ll let you know when the next console hotfix is out.

On a similar note, the PC hotfix is still lined up to go live when we have the green light from Mac and Linux. So far, QA had just finished doing a rough preliminary pass on the PC version that would set to go live with Mac and Linux, which is promising, and we’re waiting on some of those bug fixes to be pushed through.

On my end, still finishing up that Making of UA DVD. I got more footage of Tim and Will last week with questions I’ve seen throughout the community, and some of which were submitted by Kickstarter backers on Discord. (Obviously not every question can be answered, but I tried to squeeze in as much as I could.)

I’m in Vancouver this week, so my replies are going to be 3 hours later than usual.