Bertha and Bart (possible spoilers)


Did anyone else find these guys? What did you think of them?

To me, silly though they were, they were a delightful exploration reward, a puzzling hidden highlight of the game. They are the most fleshed out characters I met, with backstories and personalities and a relationship between them. Hidden away in a corner.

One possible hypothesis is that, since they are alliterative, we’ve actually met them before: are Bertha and Bart actually Draupnir and Dahlia? It seems unlikely, given what they tell you of their pasts. But who can tell?

Either way, like D&D, B&B give some lore and history to a world that sorely needs them, and I greatly appreciated them, even though they felt like the stub of a developer’s dream that they never had time to fully… flesh out.


I found them but the last time I mentioned it here my post was deleted without comment.

Either way, I hope they will make an “official” appearance soon, because they seem to have the more dialogue lines than all the other characters in the hub combined.


My account and all posts with it were zapped as fallout from a spamfighting cleanup effort: perhaps your post was also collateral? Or maybe, yeah, they didn’t want spoilers on this until they were out :wink:

Either way, I completely agree with you about wanting to see them officially - these two characters, for me, give a hint towards what they had hoped for all characters in the Underworld, even after they “ditched” conversation trees. They have character, they have life, they have humor and a backstory and more, all imparted in a few well-written lines.

And more than anything else in the game, Bertha and Bart suggest that perhaps they could pull off a No Man’s Sky, and go from bottom-of-most-leaderboards to beloved, if they can just find the funding to keep working on this.

Were they just an experiment with the random speech triggers for the shopkeeper, that they threw in as an exploration reward?

Was it an annoyed dev who stuck them in as a proof of concept to say “Look, this is how you do engaging characters!”?

Or are they part of some future DLC, perhaps stuck in as a teaser? If so, I have to say… that’s a damn clever teaser, and I look forward to that DLC!

Most likely, perhaps, is that it’s another part of their dream that they had to cut to release before the financial Doom Counter ran out and they were all on the street with no game to show for it despite months of crunchmode. D-day always seems to hit at Christmas, too. At least if you release, you might net a few more months of wages to release a few patches, and get it closer to the dream, and have time to get funding for the next project so you won’t have to lay off the awesome team you’ve built.

And to me, having been there, that’s just a heartbreaking thing and it sucks balls that it’s the normal state of indie game development nowadays, and it’s why I’m not a gamedev any more. I’d love to be, but big tech pays more, is way more stable, and has crunchmodes one sprint long at most! My team released a 2-year project this year, and in that whole time, I worked only two weekends! That’s unimaginable in gamedev.

Given they got Patch 1 out the door, I hope Otherside let themselves take a week off for Christmas. They’ve earned it, despite their detractors.


Oh! they have a whole subforum here that I didn’t even notice!


In the latest update, the room they were in has been walled off, and is no longer reachable (and may no longer even exist in-world!)



Is someone playing The Sims with them?


As of today’s build notes, Bart and Bertha are slated for Update 3!

You should be able to find them in the Midnight Forum, facing each other from across the room.


On a related note, some other talking skulls may squeeze their way into Update 4, but will require you to unlock them.


That screenshot is so puuuurty.


I think I’ve mentioned before that we changed the global illumination in all of the levels to improve performance, which has also meant re-lighting the majority of the game. (Also the darkest areas are all a lot lighter as a result without sacrificing the anticipation of stepping into the dark. It should be enough that you can’t see very far ahead, but it’s clearer when you’re actively running into a wall in the dark.)