Boxed version


Just a quick question before backing: It was confirmed that the boxed versions will include a DRM free version of the game on DVD - but for which platform? I guess that means Linux / Mac / Windows, correct?

I’ve seen that the icon for the boxed version only shows a Windows logo, but as the “digital game” icon does the same it doesn’t seem to reflect reality :wink:


If possible, I will likely up my pledge over time to get a box shipped to Germany. But it would still be a nice idea if Otherside offers PDF files with the box for people to basically printout and have them selfmade at some point, too.


It will be available for all 3. It would be most convenient for all involved (and cheaper for us) if we could fit all 3 desktop versions on a single disc. Since one steam key allows you to install on any platform thats available on steam, I don’t see why this would be a problem on CD.

HOWEVER in the end thats a business thing so the business folks will have final say on how its put together.


Thanks a lot, I’ve backed the boxed edition!
The most important point for me was the availability of a boxed Linux version - though I’d also prefer if the DVD contained all versions, having platform specific versions would also be fine with me.


I was really excited when I noticed that Fangamer is responsible for the game’s boxes after reading the last Kickstarter update.

However - as the Linux version hasn’t been released yet - would it be possible to confirm that the box will indeed be available with the Linux version on disk?

In case of doubt I’d prefer a later release with a more stable build (as also suggested in the Kickstarter comments), but the most important thing for me is that the Linux version is included at all.


Just confirming that the box version should match the game OS you selected on BackerKit.

To my understanding, the worst case scenario would be if we had to make all three executables available on the physical version. I believe we’re leaning towards the first option.


That rather sounds like a best case, to me! :smiley:

Er, I mean “Oh no, Bre’r sluangkhot, please don’t throw us into the ‘all three on one disk’ bush!”


Amazing, thanks a lot for the confirmation!

Definitely, totally agreed :smiley: (though I’m fine with both alternatives)