Bug Submission 1.03 Patch: Save name bug with names starting with "s"


I got frustrated having to create yet another new save and was going to start with one my more colorful player names and discovered it would not let me. This is stupid as well as simple to get around.

Try to start off your character name with SH. You hit the letter S can cannot cannot proceed with the letter H. You can type in “Hit” just fine, backspace and enter an S to get the same end result, but I find it odd that no one can easily type in the name Shawn, or Sherry, let alone what I wanted to type.

What else I am wondering is why no one else seen or commented on this?


Looks more like a bug I think. I think it’s just choking on putting an “s” in the field to start with, no matter what follows. Adding to the list–thanks for flagging. Also, I’m not aware of any attempted censorship we’re trying to do–as you point out, that would be pretty silly.


Can we change the subject of the post then? I was tired irritated and had not considered it being a bug! Thank you.


You bet, done!