Choice of platform/OS


When I did the backer survey I choose linux (DRM-free) because that’s the system I prefer. But now at the time of release my gaming machine only runs Windows. Since we got steamkeys for now I tried to install the windows version instead. To my surprise that wasn’t possible.

Why? Every service I know of (GOG, Humble, Steam) gives you all available OS versions when you purchase something there. Do we really only get the version we chose in the survey? I would consider that very consumer unfriendly.


Do I have to contact support to get an answer?

To restate the question: Is the download on Steam platform specific? I can only download the Linux version, not Windows. Is that how it is intended (which would be bad) or is it a technical issue. Because I have to run the Windows Steam client on Linux. My Windows machine is offline at the moment (Don’t ask why).