Climbing stacked boxes


I find the physics for box stacking/climbing to be egregious. This was discussed in the past, but remains unchanged in the final release. Is there any hope for addressing the UX when trying to climb a stack of boxes?

Sept 30 2019 Weekly Update!

My personal tip from being one of the only people to actually finish this game would be to not upgrade jump height or movement speed. You won’t stand a chance jumping on boxes once you upgrade those.


Can anyone from OSE tell me if the box stacking/jumping UX is considered working correctly and complete? Is there any chance it will get changed?


If you upgrade jump, etc to the max, you won’t need to stack boxes, you can leap around the world like spiderman.


Yes and you can simply jump over the walls and walk past enemies that don’t react and pick up the floating glowing key and beat the mission in about 30 seconds. FUN


Hey, speedrunners! Ya hear that?


speed runners, implying multiple people played this game.
good gag