Compendium entry behind mediator Tupresalass


There is any possible way to get entry behind Tupresalass on a roof in Marcaul without falling into abyss for now?:thinking::grin: Im on xbox version.


Without flying, long-jumping, levitating crates or planks, or creating some means of controlling verticality? Because those are definite possibilities.


Without falling through the roof. Well i’ll try with various devices.:sweat_smile:


Dang, you even named the Mediator!

Our Xbox patch has sadly been in the works for awhile now, and our Lead Engineer was out of commission for almost a month and a half because of his illness. We have an internal fix for the rooftop, but for now, you may need to skirt the edges to grab it.

Additionally, if you invest in some melee arts (increases long jump, motion, etc), you should be able to snag it by jumping from the wooden platform near the top.


Thx for advice!:sunglasses::metal: Speedy recovery for Lead Engineer and good… no, best ever health to all in your company. :+1:P.S. Fan of Stygian exploring from the begining. So thank you bringing back it once again.:blush: