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Since Otherside is adding more creatures to the game, what creatures will make a comeback? Are there any new creatures you’ve made up that you’d like to see featured?

Personally, other than a Lovecraftian influence (think tentacles), I’d like to see creatures drawn-from or inspired-by mythology. Take Greek mythology for instance: creatures like kraken, manticores, minotaurs, hydras, and the great Sphinx itself would make interesting enemies, each with unique abilities and movements.

Personally, I tire of games with only bipedal creatures. Anthropomorphic monstrosities do very little for me.

Start the suggestions now…


Just as a heads up, I was able to share some images with our playtesters on the UA discord earlier this morning of some of the NPCs / monsters we’re working on for Update 4!

…but of course I’d love to hear what kind of interactions you’re interested in seeing for Update4. We think we have a couple of game-changers that should vary the pacing of enemy interactions that don’t require a ton of extra work. Eager to share them more publicly in the coming weeks as we’re able to confirm which will make it to launch.


My favorites from Underworld 1:

Giant Rat
Headless (living race, Blemyes-like)
Mountain Folk
Reapers (think magical Rippers)
Shadow Beast

Also from the Kickstarter:

Deep Elves
Dire Faeries
Earth Clot
Giant Spiders


I miss the rats, spiders, headless, and fire elementals. And the occasional mongbat. And of course the lurkers.

At the smarter end, goblins and mellow trolls. And Talorids. And the Trilkhai!

I’d be happy to see more of any/all of these.

Not so much the various rotworms, though. I appreciate their game-mechanical value; I just never cared for them as monsters.


Well, if rats, rotworms, and lurkers are possibilities, than howzabout having a go at sweels?


Lurker, Headless, and Shadowbeasts are a must. I wouldn’t mind seeing dire faeries or the earth clots presented in the Kickstarter. Fire elementals really blend with the volcanic “feel.” Do we already have some form of mind control creature? Kinda like the Illithid from D&D. I haven’t started UA until more patches arrive. Hard to believe it’s been over twenty years since I played the first game. I really need to refresh my memory and replay UW.


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Just creatures-wise, building the game back up toward what people thought they were funding in the Kickstarter would be excellent. Also, by working on mechanics and physics for varied creature types, that experience and foundation would be great to tap for future projects.

I get that all games become something different than what they started out as during development, but sometimes it sounds like an entirely inadequate excuse to fall back on, even if that’s not a fair outsider assessment.


The Headless is my favorite from Ultima Underworld.


That’s fair! As far as my understanding goes, the scope was pretty broad in the beginning of development and then as we started to cut costs and redesign around the limitations we had, we had to cut monsters that were originally planned, which in turn affected the level design, which then affected quests, which then affected narrative… etc. It’s a bit of a slippery slope that took out a lot of the heart of some interactions the team wanted to add, which is why I think the team is so motivated to work on Update 4 in particular.


+1 for headless, among my favorite creatures.


…me too.

As for comment in general, we should all be glad this place isn’t the Steam forum right now. That place has surpassed itself in the past few days. Flarechess is taking the brunt for stuff that is nothing to do with him. While a case can be made for someof the sentiments, the err, headlessness of it all is embarrassing,and the personal nature of it pathetic.


It’s really tough being on the Steam forums, I can’t deny that. I appreciate the people who like having earnest questions or discussions there, but it’s really hard to keep things on-topic or to share anything we’re working on. Steam usually gets information last for that reason…

…and speaking of information, I know I put in a plug for the Discord earlier, but I shared another model we’re rigging up for Update 4 on our private Discord channels! If you’re a playtester, you should have access to those secret channels, which I believe most of you are.


I don’t personally mind some of the directions being taken on there (harsh yes, very, but underpined with some broad truths) but it’s the tone and gratuitous and personal nature that gets my goat, and the spite and vindictiveness.

Anyone with half a brain - and a sense of heart - knows that PR is a thankless balancing act (yes, I know there’s a wage) and it’s idiotic to expect someone to abdicate professional responsibility just to combat the venting…but that’s really wrong is that it’s invariably aimed at the wrong people, and in this case a soft target.

I guess the reponse is ‘well, no management are present to fling an earful at’, but that doesn’t mean you dismember those who are taking time to talk to you. You just have some goddamn standards, simple.


Apologies for tonal issues in my posts. It’s even worse to you than it sounds to me, and I keep rewriting and it’s not better.

Is there a way to rephrase questions to us so it won’t have the easy response of: “What you said we were paying for and you wanted money for?” Oof. I suck at concise-yet-not-cutting.

Is there a post someone could link me to about why input for future additions is being asked, yet also wasn’t previously answered during the campaign? I took a long break from the fora when I couldn’t tell anymore if this mattered. Seeing things in the KS that I knew had been pulled off in the 90s made it appear doable, and to find out it wasn’t, shook me up.

In spite of how the words hit, I don’t wanna rub salt in wounds (“Coulda fooled me!”), but I don’t know how posters can be truly helpful, and peer past the surface, and much may be lost in blunderingly trying to be empathetic.

Thank you so much for the content and helpfulness! Sorry for my failure!


I understand people can get heated or passionate, and it’s within your rights to ask questions.

I didn’t officially start this thread and have been treating it more of a “what sort of creatures are the fans looking forward to seeing in Update 4” with your understanding that we have already chosen most of the NPCs being added but are curious to see how those choices align with what the fanbase is interested in. While some of the more fantastical beasts unfortunately had to be cut for technical reasons or time constraints, I see some familiar names popping up in this thread.

Also, I want to say hi! I don’t recall if we’ve met, or if we did, it would have been very early when I started working at OtherSide in late August of 2017, when I didn’t know all of you yet :) I’m the new Community Manager. As I understand it, it was hard for the development team to dedicate time to talking to people on the forums while working on the game, so I was brought on to help facilitate the back and forth. By the time I joined, most of the core concepts of the game were finalized on just a couple of “what ifs,” particularly with narrative and creatures.

Paul made an official post after launch detailing some of the struggles that went on through UA’s development, but the key points are that we had a key investor shift interests away from the project right after the KS, and re-scoping had to be done in order to keep the project alive. At the same time, there was a lot of pressure to innovate or push the UW ideas, which ended up being a largely physics-based world. Because of all this hectic re-scoping, redesigning, and lots of work towards gaining a new publisher to help us finish the project, it seems communication was lost to backers. The team just didn’t have the manpower to keep up with the community, and scoping down to the bare minimum fun elements became the next issue, including what those were.

I feel that the communication pipelines have been better since launch once the state of the game was more fully explored, and EVERYONE recognized we could still do more. We’ve been fortunate to have the time and budget to work on these additional updates since launch, as well as giving more deserved weight to the community feedback.


Hello! I had stepped away before you came aboard. Just bummed that my heroes aren’t immune to business practices that killed my love of video gaming in the 90s. Thief was a glorious shock, and injection of ridiculous hope. These days, while using the same words as the raging masses, I’m actually not heated, at a loss for better words. I would never get into marketing, communication, PR, etc., 'cause I’m rarely able to rise above scraping my brain-pan for words.

I’ll try, Sam. Thanks for everybody’s patience, bruised as we are.