Cyberpunk 2077 & the Immmersive Sim


Looks like Cyberpunk 2077 is taking its cues from Elder Scrolls, VtM: Bloodlines, and the original Deus Ex. We may have a new immersive sim on our hands!


There’s a heck of a lot of good gamedev coming out of Eastern Europe in recent years. This looks exciting :)


It warms the cockles of my ancient, shriveled heart to hear CDPR describe first-person perspective as the obviously most immersive mode. :smiling_imp:

And citing the original Deus Ex – especially its integration of both physical space and narrative as alternate pathways to mission progress – as a primary inspiration makes me pretty happy as well.

I think the one specific thing I’m looking forward to seeing is whether CDPR stick to The Witcher formula of the player experiencing the story through a particular, narratively pre-defined character (such as Geralt), or if they’ll go the BethSoft route of letting the player define most of the nature of a mute lead, or if they split the difference and let the player choose among several pre-defined character-driving origins (as Mass Effect did). Mostly I want to see if they stick with what they know, or try something different.

I really am looking forward to a good experience with this one. I just hope they’ll let me save when I want, rather than making a player-centric immersive sim and then undermining that design by restricting the most valuable tool I have for supporting my preferred Explorer style of play…