Deus Ex HR/MD & Dishonored over Bioshock


Stealth has always been a big part of this genre. It is done exceptionally well in the first two games mentioned in the title, especially new Deus Ex, which has lots of great concepts (Dishonored is pretty simplistic in comparison). The glaring lack of stealth was also one of the reasons why Bioshock is considered another FPS game.

However, I remember reading in a dev interview over 10 years ago (Ken Levine, I think) something along the lines of — Bioshock was everything they wanted SS2 to be — If true, I certainly hope complex stealth is still being considered for this game!

Aside from that, Deus Ex HR/MD and Dishonored are great examples of how immersive sims can score very highly on Metacritic (granted they aren’t survival horror like SS). Review score aggregates are unfortunately probably the biggest determining factor in how well a game is received by the public upon release, and how well it is remembered decades in the future. Maybe you could collaborate to a greater extent with Eidos Montreal or Arkane so that this game ends up being the 95 metacritic, “new best game ever” we all really want it to be… perhaps officially rather than informally? System Shock 1 and 2 are by far some of the greatest experiences ever made, and easily in the top 10 games of all time in my opinion. Sorry, but after the low scores of Underworld and Epic Mickey, I can’t help but be a bit concerned for this awesome franchise. Apologies if I said anything wrong.


The only reason for indie studio OtherSide to work with a Square-Enix company would be to build bridges and maybe get the Thief IP back.


Well, SS3 does need a publisher. Just a thought. Some ex-employees of OSE and others are being extremely pessimistic about the game on RPG Codex forums, with some going as far as saying that it’ll never release. The main reasons seem to be:

  • Almost no employees left at OSE
  • No funding
  • No publisher or investor confidence
  • It was nowhere near “half finished” in early 2019 on many levels

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Everyone really wants this to be a high metascore masterpiece and I hope the above stated things aren’t true. Either way officially partnering with Squeenix or Arkane wouldn’t be a terrible idea.


I’d say partnering with a big publisher just to be able to release the third game would be a good idea, hence even selling the IP for them in the process if only this one chapter is an uncompromised Warren Spector kind of game. I do not care what happens after that to the IP, since this world eventually trashes every franchise you have loved or known anyways, so we don’t need an attitude of holding things as holy relics to be buried and not touched by anyone ever. Of course I hope for the best in any case, but let’s be real, we all want this third chapter out and to be good; canceling due to missing funding or manpower would be a real shame and would benefit nobody.

I know that Epic Mickey scored low, which makes you doubt if Spector is getting senile or something, but actually if I ever owned a Wii, that would be one of my top priority games. The art style oozes that Disney feeling, both old and more modern, plus the gameplay is innovative. Way lesser games get better scores due to whatever reason. Think of maybe the best example ever, Rainbow Six: Siege, a brilliant dynamic and very innovative shooter at release (not anymore because Ubisoft ruined the game with atrocious updates) scoring only like 7/10 or even less by many reviewers. Sometimes something is so new and hard to grasp as a concept the game will not shine, and I think Epic Mickey (at least the first one) is partly victim of this. Also Wii restricted it’s popularity and it wasn’t particulary “sporty” title that makes you move, yet it was a new title when we all know that on Nintendo platform Nintendo’s own games dominate.

I agree Deus Ex: Mankind Divided has great stealth gameplay, the game is brilliant if you complete all the side quests and spend your time well, but in any case the game is simply too short, which of course wasn’t originally intentional. I would certainly like similiar way of stealth implemented with similiar abilities and even the cover shooter way of locking you to the wall. Of course having a first person camera and no way of peeking around the corners over your shoulder is more immersive, but like in Deus Ex the original, it is kind of crappy to get spotted when you peak, even though it is realistic. Without the augmentations you can’t do much. Deus Ex: Mankind Divided improved over the original in this and some other ways, the potential was enormous and could still be used in the future.

Dishonored is not a game for my taste, neither of them. I really don’t like the super simplistic approach to things. It is a game that lets you try things, especially the second one, but for what reason? The AI is stupid, the story and characters often not believable, the pacing is here and there and the core gameplay loop is repetitive and linear. I don’t really understand what the fuss is about, I guess it’s a fruit for the casual audience just like, let’s say, the latest God of War or The Witcher 3. It’s good that everyone has something to enjoy, even those filthy console casual peasants, but what I don’t get is why you even compare something like Dishonored to immersive sim games like Thief, System Shock or even Bioshock (which is lesser in this aspect of course but still epic). Why to compare Bioshock and System Shock either? I see no signs of SS3 going the Bioshock way.


Games are condemned for being on Nintendo consoles? I don’t think that’s a valid justification for Epic Mickey’s low score at all. While your other reasons could be true, today we have a rough formula for high metascore immersive sims. As long as SS3 innovates on it, we should have a new 90+ game.

Some franchises like Mario, Zelda and GTA have been getting high scores consistently for a long time – 35 years in the case of Mario & Zelda.

Dishonored is an immersive sim without a doubt, albeit a simplistic one. Don’t get me wrong I’m not as much of a fan of it as I am of Deus Ex, but it would still be better exponentially better than trash like Bioshock.

My thoughts exactly. The potential is huge. I just hope OSE can pull this off! Talking to devs from Eidos Montreal on a regular basis (at the very least) could do wonders!


Not played Prey as yet, but mistakes in that game should be intentionally avoided as well.