Did i really play version 1.02 on ps4?


I was curious about the person who achived trophies for things like dealing damage with arrows and other completely broken mechanics. How did this person manage to achieve every broken feat?

So i booted it up on a brand new tv i bought last night. I noticed my saved games were version 0.3.20578.

Did i play the real update 4? App on ps4 homescreen claims it is 1.02.

As a side note i raced through the start of the game and noticed my new tv does not chop off the feats. Some games give you border options, my 1920 1080 was chopped off but the 4k is not.

I noticed the ai is better, as in they spot me. They dont do anything though, bellums and spectors cannot see me at all. But already the ai is getting worse. I think my review of the game reflects from about 2 hours on. Then the game goes to hell. Maybe a side quest didn’t screw it and some compounding issues just build and by end game nothing works.

On my new tv the mushroom man’s special word is still blocked off by the confirm option. I then found him in marcul, i spoke to him, could not select any hand wraps or gloves of any kind and stopped interacting. He them immediately disappeared. Also before i got the shop interaction screen with him i got the exact same dialouge he told me when i found him.

Not trying to be rude, i feel bad about it, trying to help. But I’m not your free QA and won’t be playing anymore unless i discover that what played was version 0.3.20578.


Here is another guy playing on a different build claiming he is reviewing update 4

What I played is not update 4. Immediately I see he gets names of all the areas when he enters them, when I find an area it just says region discovered. When he picks up a rune he gets an explanation of the rune and on screen graphics explaining so, I get nothing. His rune bag is different. I only had to watch a few minutes to see major differences.

So console players are playing some hybrid build with the new update 4 bellum creatures (that have no ai) but not other changes?


Hang on, I was told my previous posts were helping you discover issues for the hot fix.
How did you play the ps4 version and not notice it wasn’t update 4?
The confusion never ends with this game…


So i booted it up on a brand new tv i bought last night. I noticed my saved games were version 0.3.20578.
Did i play the real update 4? App on ps4 homescreen claims it is 1.02.

Just to clarify, the UA PC Update 4+ (including the hotfix) has an arbitrary number listed on the bottom left, which is the 0.3.20578. The PS4 version is slightly behind the PC Update 4+, which should be fixed once we merge in our changes for the PS4 hotfix.

The reason for this was that since we had an external company assisting us with the PS4 and Xbox One ports, they worked on a largely separate branch and weren’t able to keep some of our last-minute fixes that were added to the PC Update 4. This is being merged in with the PS4 hotfix, in addition to any PC bugs we’re catching.

I’ll be investigating your reports about Meridian disappearing and his broken dialogue options.

I understand you’re frustrated, and by all means, I understand that you’re not our free QA. It’s still extremely useful for us to hear from you, particularly some of your PS4 bugs which I haven’t seen logged before. Thank you for going out of your way to do that for us. We are doing what we can to catch up.

As an individual, I had stated that I personally have not played the PS4 version. Normally our QA team handled console testing and I focused on verifying any PC bugs since we only had enough console devkits for QA.