Discord + Playtesting Opportunity!


Hey everyone!

We’re looking for playtesters for Underworld Ascendant so we can get qualitative and actionable feedback on a regular basis from our fans. You do NOT need to be a Kickstarter Backer to apply!

Playtesters will have access to a new build will be available every 2 weeks or so, and while you do not need to participate EVERY cycle, the more feedback we receive, the better it will be for the game. The initial build will have a bunch more content and features than the Backer Alpha build so there will be more for you to see and test. Our current plan is to start this testing the week after E3.

If you don’t want to spoil the game, you do not have to participate in the playtesting. Since we do not want to spoil the game for others, accepted playtesters will be invited to a private forum thread to discuss the contents. Playtest feedback will be also be collected via Google Forms.

Please note that you MUST have a Steam account to be eligible if you’re remote. Remote is Windows/PC only. There are also local options available.

If you prefer Discord, we also just launched our official Discord server, which includes a #playtest channel where other playtesters can discuss the game contents. Join here!

Please sign up for playtesting here!


Sounds like a cool opportunity. Given the more secretive nature of the playtester builds compared to the Kickstarter builds, I just have two questions.

Since the remote builds will be distributed through Steam, will these playtesting builds be separate installations from the Backer Alpha / Beta builds, or will they override them?

Assuming the playtest builds and Backer Alpha / Beta builds are separate installations, would playtesters bound by the NDA for these separate playtest builds still be allowed to discuss the Kickstarter Alpha and Kickstarter Beta build versions content on the usual non-private sections of these forums?


Hi Tek,

The playtesting builds will be SEPARATE from the Backer Alpha/Beta builds. As far as Steam is aware, it’s an entirely separate game.

Playtesters bound by NDA can still discuss any PUBLIC content that is also available, which would mean anything related to the Backer Alpha and Beta. For example, as of next week, they cannot allude to features that are not present in the Alpha build until those features are officially revealed in the Backer Beta build. Hopefully this makes sense!


Ok, that makes sense. Thanks for the clarification.


I suppose I can offer my services, if you feel the need for some constructive feedback.


What platforms will these playtesting builds be available on?


That’s some mighty fine sounding bait.

I volunteer my gamming “expertise”.



Just Windows/PC for now! Good catch, I should add that to the signup FAQ.


Well for the good of PC gaming I will make the “sacrifice” and offer my “brilliant” analysis if so needed.


I might like to try this since I wasn’t able to back at alpha/beta when the opportunity was there, and I think I can give some useful feedback. However I have a couple of questions:

  1. Would it be more of a hassle for you guys than its worth if I sign up but end up not being able to set aside time for this? My schedule has been very unsteady lately.
  2. What sort of spoilers are we talking here - just stuff like mechanics and npc types that haven’t been revealed, later areas than the alpha, or noteworthy story points from beyond the early game?
  3. How will feedback be shared with OSE?


It wouldn’t be a hassle necessarily, but we’re obviously keen on hearing back from as many people as possible. If you’re unsure about your time commitment, it’s okay to make a note of that in your sign-up form. Even if you participate in just ONE playtest session, that would be a great help to us!

2. What sort of spoilers are we talking here - just stuff like mechanics and npc types that haven't been revealed, later areas than the alpha, or noteworthy story points from beyond the early game?
It's everything. You'll be more or less given an unfiltered version of the build we work on every week. You can expect to see ALL the mechanics and npcs we have designed and rigged up (even placeholder/frameworks), later areas, and any and all story particles.
3. How will feedback be shared with OSE?
We'll be sending out a Google Form survey every playtest session that will guide you to experiment in certain areas/with certain toolkits/etc. All you'll have to do is fill out the survey whenever you participate in a session. We're looking into ways that people can send us videos of their recorded play session, which would be a step up from just filling out the survey.

Hope this answers all your questions!


How about the onsite/local testing? is that of greater benefit to you guys (Devs,OSE)?

what type of time commitment or opportunity is that (outside of the commute) ?

for those lucky few who go onsite, can they bring beer (with enough to share) ?


Onsite/local testing is the BEST way for us to get playtest information, but it IS a little harder to coordinate. We’ll probably start bringing on local playtesters after some of the remote playtest sessions first.

Of the playtesters we’ve had come in, they usually stay for about an hour and a half. If it’s a slow day like a Friday, there may be more of an opportunity to talk to the devs, but usually we’re heads down while one or two people meets the playtester and records information. If you wanted to talk to one of the devs in particular (ex: Chris Siegel), you just let us know beforehand.

You could bring beer!


That mostly answers it but I still wonder a bit about spoilers. I don’t mind seeing more than what’s been shown so far, I guess I just wouldn’t want to try out a new build that puts you right at the end of the game unexpectedly, or something like that. In any case I’ll probably sign up in a bit.


If y’all are considering something like this for System Shock 3, let me know – I will make the 3-hour drive to Austin.

And I will happily provide the adult beverages of choice.


Just to confirm, yes, playtesting these early builds WILL mean spoilers.


Given the issues that have been going on with MacOS, you sure you don’t want to include some remote testers there as well? I would be happy to volunteer to a biweekly test session to help further the Metal cause.


Are sign ups for these playtesting builds still open? If so put me down as I’m more than happy to get involved!


I believe we’re tackling the MacOS Metal issue this week/early next week!

As for playtesters, yes, we’re still taking! Remember to apply here.


I’m so keen to playtest! What level of feedback are you after? General “this is fun, this is not”, or “at location x,y,z there’s z-fighting between object foo and bar”?