Do we know how many copies UA sold so far?


By the way, these numbers also provide a rough estimate for the funding needed to develop SS3. OS needs at least 4 million in the next 12 months.

(probably more as game development and marketing gets more expensive toward the end)


That all being said, OS is still hiring in Austin (could be a red herring, though).


Nyast, I’m aware of the parallel and potential irony with SS and UA…I think were all are…why is why I didn’t think it needed spelling out :wink:

About Otherside and the financial side…sure the Public Relations side may not reflect the nitty-gritty, but that is a commonplace of American business and commerce in general, as you say - it has a measured impact and therefore a value. Marry this to an emphasis on bland corporate ‘uplift’ speak…which has filtered down to many aspects of US business life (plus it generates hype) , and you have this bland ‘positivity’ thing more or less in everything (less so in England and France, but it’s making progress here too, sadly).

But we still don’t know they’re in trouble…and I think it’s unlikely we’d find out. Plus, look at Starbreeze…you just don’t know what’s around the corner, good or bad.

Part of the reason I’ve pushed for more meaningful statements on UA is to help re-build trust with fans…not for the devs to somehow become enlightenened or create ‘lessons learned’. That said, you can quite happily know exactly where you went wrong, discuss it, confirm it…and then exactly the same thing happens again. This is where having good feedback counts, and good QA…and having real mechnisms for making sure it is filtered and acted upon.

Some people find this patronising…teaching grandmother to suck eggs…well the answer to that is: yeah, but whatever it takes.

Can anyone imagine SS going down a similar path and end result to UA? It doesn’t bear thinking about.