Does repairing exist?


Is there a way to repair degraded equipment? I haven’t seen it talked about anywhere, so I assume not. Do KS rewards degrade? Will my rot worm boots and other KS rewards rot away like my early access?


There is no way to repair (or craft) items that I’ve found, but that would be an excellent DLC goal.

Only items that have a condition will continue to degrade; a servicable hand axe will eventually change to damaged, etc. If you find an item that does not have a condition, it will not degrade.


It was talked about early on, and then discounted. One of the few areas where it was made clear in unambiguous terms. There’s a lot to bash on, but not this.


As pointed out early tho, decaying equipment without repair removes any immersive elements of the system. It would likewise be easy to add some crafting (specifically arrows) just like you can cook food.


I have no idea which KS rewards have the condition prefixes. Can any Windows player help me with that?

I’ve been totally shafted on the access portion of my reward tier. It’s not bashing to ask how the remaining rewards function so I can wrap my mind around any remaining value. It’s not like I can play the game to get this information myself, it will be untold weeks/months/+ before there is an OSX version. Slow your roll.


I don’t see a need for a whole crafting system. I’m not specifically against it, but a legit crafting system would probably be prohibitively expensive to implement.

To cheaply implement repairs, they could borrow from Ultima Underworld and drop an anvil in Marcaul. You don’t have to animate an anvil. If they want to make repairs tied to character progression, perhaps drop a skill on the fighter side of the skill tree to enable use of the anvil. Or they could give the ability to the shop NPC and have it cost coin. Surely the merchant has made repairs on less than perfect gear sold to them.


Smpita…I was referring solely to the thread to the topic…repairing…nothing else. For what it’s worth, I’m sympathetic to those still waiting for KS Reward promises to be fulfilled (and other OS players in general…having once been a multi-platform tester).


My mistake. I had assumed you had read, and were willing to acknowledge the body of the post.

Thank you for telling me. It was difficult to determine that from your contributions to the thread.


Fwiw, I had read the body of your thread also… :wink:


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Most armor and weapons in the game do deteriorate by design. Kickstarter items should not degrade (if they do, that’s a bug). Magical items will not either and you might be able to infer if an item is “magic” based on the tooltips (admittedly probably could be clearer now that the question has been raised). There is also a tier of “hardened” armor that has such a high durability that it will take a very very long time to degrade.

Katana, completely unacceptable behavior that goes 100% against the kind of forums we want to have. We’ve been very mindful of letting folks discuss issues with the game, even quite passionately. Venting, even gloating, etc. But personal attacks against people who have different opinions than you are not at all okay.


Thank you. This contains all the information I wanted to know and then some. If there are any additional issues in this thread, just lock it.


Repairing is an interesting idea because it’s a form of any ‘DIY’ mechanic, from weapon manufacture to spell alchemy. But it’s not just the cost of implementation…it’s all the additional time to balance and test and QA. But even a simplified form would take some doing. I like the anvil ‘repair lite’ idea though, very simple, and relies mostly on imagination…

(For those coming unstuck…have you tried Erudite? Can ‘woke’ status be ‘re-woked’? Can puddles move by themselves?)



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re: repairing, I don’t mind the lack of a repair mechanic - I mind the total lack of feedback. Players need to know if/when they should get attached to their gear - and also when it’s on its way out. A thruline in some reviews (and my own experience) is that there is almost no sense of our moment-to-moment efficacy in combat.

It’s why some players took down skeletons in a few hits, while others whacked away for minutes on end, not realizing their sword had broken at the beginning of the encounter - and then blamed the game for having unreasonably difficult enemies.

I get that the team doesn’t want to clutter the screen with numbers, but right now we need SOMETHING. The diminishing glow of skellies is just not adequate at the moment.


We’re working on this. E.g., weapons will look worn as they wear down and I heard today that we even have a visual state for “broken” so that it should be obvious you won’t do more damage. E.g., a sword broken at the hilt.

Visually indicating that enemies are damaged is also being looked at. I’m not sure yet what the plan is but the “darkening” doesn’t seem to be working very well.

Some combat fixes that have gone into the internal build include the weapon visual damage, improved visual FX when landing a hit, improved sound FX as well, weapon balancing, small and big hit damage balancing (so you don’t just do the big hit every time), fixing a couple of broken AI VO and improved AI responses so they don’t look so stuck (although more to do on that). The team is also figuring out how to make combat more fun and visceral in the beginning of the game, including potentially given more skills up front to give you more variety. They are also looking to how they can revise enemy behavior so that maybe you use different strategies with different enemies. Some of that stuff won’t make Update 1–if it will take longer we’ll put that in Update 2 for January.




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