Draupnir, Dahlia, Sven & Tyball


So what’s the deal with these characters? Maybe I don’t get several allusion to the former games but I’m kinda lost after beating the game what was the point of all these wall messages.

At least the memoras kinda explain what’s up with Cabirus and the three factions (even though the three secrets in the last level seem to be bugged) but in case of these four characters I got nothing. Can anyone else here explain what was going on?


Haven’t been active here on the forums often, but I just saw this and got a little excited!

So the other characters who left messages for each other in the Abyss have their own character stories you can follow as you travel throughout the Abyss. Following their messages lead to clues about how they survived in the Abyss, along with where they may have hidden things along the way or laid traps.

I haven’t followed all of the storylines to the end myself, but I was always curious of Tyball’s involvement… I don’t want to spoil too much after this point, but man, Cabirus too…


So far as I can tell, they don’t relate to the main plot in any way. You will never meet any of the characters.

This is kinda cool! It makes a world feel alive if there are other people in it, with their own stories, on their own quests. It builds the lore of the place, gives it flavor and history and depth.

Perhaps it could be made clearer that they are just the equivalent of the scrolls you’d find lying around in the Underworlds, or the lorebooks in the Elder Scrolls series, but even as it is, they seemed to me a pretty clever and colorful way to feed the player information about the magic system.