"DRM-Free" = GOG?


I can’t seem to find this info anywhere (tried checking FAQs and searching the forum, but it is difficult to search).

If I select DRM-Free, then does that mean a GOG version or a different platform?

I’d like to know because I prefer a GOG version, but if the DRM-Free version is somewhere else (perhaps offered by OSE directly) then I think I would prefer the Steam version. So I would need to know.

Also, to be clear, I do not mind waiting for the GOG release (if it isn’t released right on Nov. 15, that’s OK with me).



They are working with GOG, but if they can’t finish negotiating it before release they might go with another DRM-free option. I would also prefer GOG or Steam to a third party, so hopefully that will get worked out soon.


Thanks for the info. I’m hesitant to select an option without knowing… Hope the Devs can clarify this soon and let us know if GOG will be available or not.


Heh, I came to (and finally registered for) this forum specifically to ask what Chaox did (with literally the same stance on deciding factor). But also with an extra question:

My backer level on KS gets me a boxed copy. Will this come with an install of its own, which would presumably be DRM-free? Or would it be tied to what I choose now, because the other option sounds too much like two copies of the game? (Well, it did say something about a code for a friend, so now I’m not sure…)

Oh, and come to think of it, a different question entirely arises: does having the Steam beta in any way tie me to Steam as a choice, rendering my decision already made?

Addendum: I am aware that physical copies would be sent later anyway. The question is simply about the nature of any install disc included, for its impact on the decision I make now.


I’d like to know if the DRM-free version is GOG.
Same as others, I’m happy to wait for GOG version. If DRM-free means some other platform than GOG, I’ll choose Steam.


Heh, I came (back) to this forum specifically to ask what Duke Darkwood did (including the extra question) :slight_smile:


Yeah not sure which one to choose at this point… If it’s just a random DRM won’t installing update be a bit more tricky then if one just got it from steam?


+1. I’d prefer GOG, but I’ll take steam over any other DRM-Free option.


Hi folks, our “DRM-free” version with not be via GoG. Finalizing another option now and will update the thread when we know definitively.

Sam was sending around a question via BackerKit so we know how many keys we would need. Sounds like we need to be clear that it’s not GoG since that will impact some people’s decisions.


It would be helpful to know what platform the “DRM free” version will be from. Self hosted or…? I originally chose GoG as my distribution platform, but I don’t know of any other game distributors that I would trust like GoG.

I also get 2 copies from my pledge level. Is it possible to split my KS reward and get one copy from each platform? That way I could play the DRM free version and fall back to Steam if the other host closes shop.


This totally and completely blows… wouldn’t have backed the the game if I’d known it wasn’t going to be on GOG… can you give us any details on why? Will it be there at some point? Did they not “want” the game on GOG? We need some details… so bummed.


This is a bit of a tough situation. I’m OK with either GOG, or Humble for the DRM free distribution, but nothing else. I’m going to have to know what the DRM free option means before I can make my choice.

Why not distribute it through Humble like lot’s of others do, where you get both DRM-free and a steam key, and then you can avoid the whole “which one do you want to choose” problem?


Ya, looking into Humble too, could be a great option.


That’s quite a disappointment. I sure hoped DRM free would be GoG as it’s the only customer friendly DRM free platform and wouldn’t have backed if I knew I had to choose between Steam and some unknown DRM free distribution. Actually, even Humble would be a PitA with their chaotic library.
So forcing me to choose without even knowing if the DRM free platform is a viable one with long term support etc. is kinda unacceptable.
Meh, another twenty bucks down the drain.


No, Humble is a TERRIBLE option… manually having to go there to check for game updates is crazy town… then there won’t be patches, but whole new builds, so we’ll have to re-download the game every time… it’s really a horrendous option… with no GOG, I wish I could just get my backer pledge back… is that possible?


As a Linux gamer, there’s effectively no difference between GOG and Humble. GOG doesn’t do incremental patches for Linux, so it’s re-download the whole game every patch, and the update flagging on the website hasn’t worked for ages, so you have to manually check if you have any updates available.

A positive for Humble is that they allow for torrent downloading, which helps me overcome my crappy, unstable Internet connection.


I hear ya there… I’m on Windows and I use Galaxy (I know that’s a sore spot for Linux users) so updates are often small and automatic for me… having to manually go look at my Humble library every now and then would feel like I’m back in the stone ages… much less than ideal


Okay, thanks for the feedback about Humble. Looking into Xsolla too, we (collectively) know some people there. Not a ton of options out there.


Crud, I chose DRM-Free AND THEN read this thread …

yeah, I’d take Steam over some others … oh well.

so, now I have to go figure out what DRM-Free really is. Is that a good old DVD/CD copy?

what’s gonna come in my box release, 200 5.25 floppies?


Choosing some crippled DRM free approach with unknown long term availability, no proper update system etc. is a kick in the teeth for everybody who backed to get a DRM free copy. For other games I backed, I actually got Steam and GoG keys. As Steam and GoG take the same cut etc., it would really need some explanation why Otherside Entertainment decided to upset the DRM free backers by not selecting GoG. Imagine the reactions if you would choose Uplay or Origin over Steam for the DRM backers.