"DRM-Free" = GOG?


Looks like you can just pin it to taskbar and run from there without moving anything. Steam off game is running , now I have some skeletons to confuse so I can walk out that door. Thanks a bunch for the help , blindly clicking things in steam was not helping me at all.


Any update on DRM-free front with GOG or itch.io?


Unfortunately, the problem is the DLC.

If you launch it on Steam, you get to see the DLC where you activated keys. If you launch the UA.exe all by itself, you do not see any of your DLC in the game. So the game itself may not be keyed to steam DRM, but the DLC is.


A far better option would have been to just give us passcodes that would unlock the backer “exclusive” in-game items offline, of course this has the risk of someone complaining that those codes will leak to non-backers, but anyone with any sense would have to agree that the only way that locking those items behind online authentication would work any better is that the game would never get good enough to have anyone bother to circumvent the DRM.

By the way, has there being any word on the status of the DRM-free keys?


We’re working on a fix for backer items requiring starting a new game that we hope to have in Update 1 in the coming weeks. We need to fix this.

No update on GoG / Itch at this point. GoG is going to need to see some progress and updates for that to come together, but we haven’t and won’t give up.


Would Epic Game Store (www.epicgames.com), which just launched, be a good DRM-free option? I feel they are new enough that they might be much more willing to change how they handle DRM-free games, updates, etc., to accommodate dev & user feedback.


Epic store doesn’t provide DRM-free downloadable packages like GOG or itch.io and Humble Store. So it’s not a good option.


Any update on the DRM-free release?


No updates on another PC platform that’s DRM-free yet; we’ll most likely pick up talks with these sites once the console version is locked down and we have released most of our planned Steam updates.


I see thanks. Do have any ETA on those updates? Is it weeks or months?


We’ve talked with 505 about resubmitting to GoG. That’s the platform we know most of you would prefer so we want to make sure we exhaust our efforts to get on the platform. We might be able to do that as soon as after we release Update 3, which could be out as early as the last week of March, but that’s not an official date yet. We want our updates to make the game better, so we’re spending more time on polishing and testing them, hence the reticence to offer a concrete date (I think that’s the right trade-off though). Will keep you posted.
p.s. - we did take another look at the Discord store too, but that takes some real work to get the game on there, i.e., dev work, and we want the devs focused on the game at this point.


Linux release just came out on Steam. Any news on the GOG one?


Waiting to follow up once Walter is back from Gamescom next week; in case GOG doesn’t work out, I’ve already started working with itch.io as a backup. Would definitely love to have the non-Steam DRM-free version available for backers and our players.


Did anything work out with GOG?


yeah I’d buy it if it was on GOG


Any news on the GOG release?


Ping ping ping ping…


From Sam’s farewell and latest update post:
For backers looking for non-Steam DRM-free version , we are still working on an itch.io page where you can redeem your key and rewards without using Steam. OSE will share a larger update on this when that page is up and running.”


I hope they will do some KS update when that happens, as I’m basically not following OSE any more on any other channel… (or that the key will be redeemable for couple of years, so I’m not too late when I finally recall I did back some Underworld project on KS and it should be finally available).


I wrote Walter a hopefully-all-encompassing Google Doc before I left with some clear instructions about how important pushing out a KS update was versus just using the Mailchimp for the newsletter or updating socials.

If there is an update, the KS update should be the first place the update goes through.