"DRM-Free" = GOG?


WTF? Another terrible decision. Who is making these decisions?


Same here. So pissed off right now…


With regard to this decision, probably GoG. It’s apparent that OSE is in something of a disaster recovery mode looking for a replacement. This leads me to believe that it was not their choice, and that their application was rejected. At least they’re still trying to fulfill the core of the promise and seeking out a DRM free distribution platform.

If their application was rejected, perhaps they could reapply/appeal the rejection – but this close to publish date, there’s probably not enough time.


Yes, there’s no reason OSE would not want to release the game on GOG.

That aside, though, why not give the backers both, a drm-free and a Steam key? I think that would alleviate at least some of the disappointment.


I don’t want to try to speak for OSE, but from comments that Sam and Walter made on one of OSE’s Discord channels, it appears that this was driven by some unacceptable requirement suddenly being made by GOG. It’s not OtherSide changing their minds at the last minute.

They promised a DRM-free option, and I expect they’ll find a way to honor that – just not through GOG. (At least, not right away.)


That moment when your own Marketing VP communicates in a public forum that GoG curated you off the platform. This is like the twilight zone in here.


Negotiations can break down for a variety of reasons. There have been instances before of GOG hardlining developers on things like pricing, etc.


A colorful first-person indie action-adventure game of the skeleton-bothering variety? Developed by people somehow involved in the Bioshock franchise in the past? Game gets turned down by GOG, devs say as much in the forums? Maybe they just didn’t like City of Brass.


EDIT: I’ve understood that GOG turns down the vast majority of submitted games. You submit your game, hope for the best (for an unknown length of time), and either pass their internal dice rolls (or however the process goes) or not. And devs usually don’t know how it’s going to go before the game is actually finished.

I have no real knowledge of this, but I’d expect GOG to get so many submissions that they just send boilerplate rejection notices to most developers, unless they are interested but have some specific conditions they’d like the devs to meet before approving the game for sale.


I really don’t care about simultaneous release, so if that really is the only reason for seeking another option, then just let us choose the option to not receive a key until the GOG-version is available.


GOG sells both UU’s. Why wouldn’t they want UA, as well? Makes no sense that they would curate UA off their platform.


Lastly, how do we switch back to a STEAM key? At least, we would get reliable updates there rather than some still yet to be determined non-GOG option.


Hey guys,

Missed the forum thread in the flurry of backer support and Kickstarter manufacturing stuff I’ve been working on the past two days.

To clarify, you can go back to your BackerKit and change your survey responses at any time until we lock it down. If you’re unable to change your survey, please email us at support@otherside-e.com with what you’d like to change your choice to. (Most likely these will be locked down early next week.)

On the GoG front, we didn’t anticipate this either. We DO need to deliver a DRM-free option on launch day, which is we’re quickly pursuing another platform to make sure we can at least deliver DRM-free on launch. I know it’s maddening to not know WHICH platform yet, but it’s my and Walter’s highest priority right now. Despite this emergency focus, we are also considering a GoG back-up plan, if and how UWA appear on GoG post-launch and how this will affect backers, since we are still in talks.

As soon as we have an update to share, we will.


Well, judging from their original description of release plan (“GOG for DRM, but it will be available only for backers in first days, then later for public” - unfortunately I can’t recall where I did seen that, if it was some dev-talk on youtube or it’s buried somewhere here in forum) - it was clear that’s not possible (knowing how GOG operates).

So either they didn’t adjust their GOG release plan (doing postponed release for DRM-free, but covering both backers and public at the same time, because that’s how GOG works, you can hardly push them to release at least one variant correctly and at correct date, the hell will freeze sooner than they will be capable to manage somewhat more complex release scheme).

Or GOG did require something further.

Also GOG’s QA is quite merciless and I don’t believe OSE has at this moment any build that would pass at least on some platforms, not even mentioning all of them…

Makes me still somewhat wonder if later fixed release was also out of question on GOG side, or simply OSE does push hard for 15-Nov on all platforms.

I mean, since publisher deal, it smells like corporate/business since then… I guess the other option was probably to cancel it completely and tell backers something along “we tried hard, sorry”, or release something even less meaningful, so I’m not like blaming the deal for how it looks now, it may be actually for the best of the all options.

But I guess GOG doesn’t bother much with the name and team either, they now smell as “wanna be more steam than steam” lately, with all the mess of new redesign and shutting down on communication with (at least linux, maybe also others) users. So if they didn’t smell hoards of bucks, they probably put up some quite ridiculous terms…


Well, about “we do need …” - maybe OSE and publisher… backers don’t as far as I recall the overall tone of replies, waiting a week or two was never a major show stopper.

And I would be brave enough to guess the UA as is does not fulfil the backed idea that much, so people will be probably even more willing to wait couple of weeks more. I guess some people may like the game, but at this moment I’m not in any hurry to try it out. I’m glad I backed your (OSE) dreams and gave you chance, but I expected something quite different, so I will eventually try what you produced… later.


Getting this when I try to go back and change to STEAM:

Underworld Ascendant
You can no longer change your add-ons and responses.
You can no longer change your payment info.
You can still change your address.</blockquote>


While some backers are willing to wait for a GoG key after launch day (if that’s possible, depending on our ongoing talks with them), we have to consider those who want their DRM-free key on launch day.

We can’t promise that UWA will be on GoG after launch, so we want to ensure DRM-free backers at least have access to the game instead of having them wait for a key that may not happen.

If you’re unable to change your survey answer on BackerKit, you’ll have to contact us at support@otherside-e.com so we can change your answer manually.


But that’s the thing… if we ARE willing to wait for GOG, then what do we do on our surveys right now? Will there be a third option of “Wait for GOG” or will the existing “DRM-free” option then give us a GOG code when it hits there? Crazy disappointed in this whole thing… GOG is the best option for DRM-free distribution because of their Steam-like backend of where devs can patch their games at will and be pushed to Galaxy users immediately (https://devportal.gog.com/welcome) whereas Humble is us manually having to go look for new builds and then re-download the entire game every time there’s a new build… total hassle. I know you’re working on this and we appreciate it, but we’re also frustrated and hope you understand… GOG is the way to go if you can make it happen and I myself, wouldn’t mind waiting for that.


Since we already know we can’t provide GoG keys at launch, I would suggest that you still put down DRM-free IF you don’t mind waiting in the instance where we can provide GoG keys after launch. I can’t promise we’ll be able to have GoG keys after launch, but at least we’d have a rough idea of how many people are interested in DRM-free.

Legally and KS-promise-wise, we need to provide a Steam and DRM-free key on launch. If GoG hosts us after launch, we can work with them to figure out if something is possible to distribute with our KS backers. Note that this isn’t final, and we don’t know if it’s possible at this point in time.


I was signed up for GoG and would prefer to wait for GoG keys if they become available. As an OSX backer, I’m already expected to wait until after launch to get my keys. Still, I’m having trouble choosing picking “Platform unknown: Good luck!” over Steam.

What happens to an individual if they follow this suggestion, should they have issues with or don’t like the DRM free platform that ends up getting chosen? Can they exchange the DRM free keys for Steam keys or something like that?

For higher backers: Some tiers come with 2 copies of the game. Couldn’t we get 1 key from each platform?


Thank you for your honesty. I, for one, truly appreciate it.

It’s still a tough decision though. I’m not super-keen to have any DRM-free version that isn’t GOG, Humble or Itch.io, so I’m tempted to select Steam. On the other hand, I would really prefer to have DRM-free, and selecting Steam probably ends any chance of that.

Too many unknowns …


One thing we want to remind you guys is that the game will be DRM-free on Steam too. I’m guessing that may simply not matter since some of you may not want to support Steam, but wanted to mention it in case it impacts your decision.