"DRM-Free" = GOG?


itch.io provides good way for updating as well, so it’s a good solution in the interim.


If the Steam version is DRM free anyway, what’s the difference? I don’t see what the problem is.


Can you download+install the game without steam client? Can you install+activate from downloaded files without steam client and without Internet connection? Last time I did hear about how steam works, it was not possible (although I never tried myself, as I don’t have steam account).

This is just subtle difference, but GOG is basically web page, you just log on the web into your account, and download the offline installer, then you can close the web browser and you will never ever need GOG to exist (unless you lose the installer, then you have to download it again). It’s similar in principle, but technically it’s like 2 levels different, no need to run native Valve SW on your PC (although running GOG’s JavaScript in browser is probably even worse), and installers are supposed to work without any external resource, even once GOG ceases to exist.

Once you have the game installed, then there’s no more difference, if the game itself is DRM-free, so I can see your point, but the minor difference mentioned above is enough for some people to prefer GOG way of distribution.


You only need to download and install the game once through Steam. After that, copy the game files around and never have to worry about Steam being installed or whatsoever, that’s what they meant when they said “Steam DRM-free”.

Fun fact about Steam is that there’s no DRM, Valve do not require developers to put DRM on their games, however they provide tools to apply DRM and developers do that on their own will.

This means that there are also a lot of games on Steam that are entirely DRM-free. Things like the Thief trilogy, or the original UU games for example.


Does anyone know when we’re getting our Steam keys?


Launch day :slight_smile: (Thursday) They are tee’d up on BackerKit ready to go

As Sam mentioned, we’re not giving up on GoG, but we can’t guarantee if or when.

Re: Itch, still need them to approve us being over the 1GB limit


And censored again. Obviously only posts accepting or praising the situation are welcome here. The forums on GoG etc. paint another picture. Just ignoring your DRM free backer’s disappointment doesn’t make it go away. Mine actually increased a lot due to this continued elimination of criticism in this thread. It shows that some people at OSE simply don’t care what the backers want and rather fake content then try to achieve it.


I’m trying to understand the controversy here. No one was ever promised that the DRM-free release would be on GoG. I don’t remember seeing any verbiage on the Kickstarter page saying GoG would be involved. I never made the leap from DRM-free to “this will be on [specific corporation’s platform].” Where did this very specific expectation come from?


DRM-free is DRM-free, people asked for DRM-free, they’re getting it as DRM-free as “DRM-free” can mean, what seems to be the problem? GOG turned it down, it’s their problem.


Just a reminder that OSE is still working to get on GOG. And there’s no reason to think they won’t also try to get keys for backers.


Can’t find an executable file for the game anywhere , digging through Steam is a PITA. Where exactly can I find the game to get rid of Steam ?


I’m not on Windows so I can’t confirm this is what you’re looking for, but try checking here.

“C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Underworld Ascendant”


Looks like you can just pin it to taskbar and run from there without moving anything. Steam off game is running , now I have some skeletons to confuse so I can walk out that door. Thanks a bunch for the help , blindly clicking things in steam was not helping me at all.


Any update on DRM-free front with GOG or itch.io?


Unfortunately, the problem is the DLC.

If you launch it on Steam, you get to see the DLC where you activated keys. If you launch the UA.exe all by itself, you do not see any of your DLC in the game. So the game itself may not be keyed to steam DRM, but the DLC is.


A far better option would have been to just give us passcodes that would unlock the backer “exclusive” in-game items offline, of course this has the risk of someone complaining that those codes will leak to non-backers, but anyone with any sense would have to agree that the only way that locking those items behind online authentication would work any better is that the game would never get good enough to have anyone bother to circumvent the DRM.

By the way, has there being any word on the status of the DRM-free keys?


We’re working on a fix for backer items requiring starting a new game that we hope to have in Update 1 in the coming weeks. We need to fix this.

No update on GoG / Itch at this point. GoG is going to need to see some progress and updates for that to come together, but we haven’t and won’t give up.


Would Epic Game Store (www.epicgames.com), which just launched, be a good DRM-free option? I feel they are new enough that they might be much more willing to change how they handle DRM-free games, updates, etc., to accommodate dev & user feedback.


Epic store doesn’t provide DRM-free downloadable packages like GOG or itch.io and Humble Store. So it’s not a good option.


Any update on the DRM-free release?