"DRM-Free" = GOG?


No updates on another PC platform that’s DRM-free yet; we’ll most likely pick up talks with these sites once the console version is locked down and we have released most of our planned Steam updates.


I see thanks. Do have any ETA on those updates? Is it weeks or months?


We’ve talked with 505 about resubmitting to GoG. That’s the platform we know most of you would prefer so we want to make sure we exhaust our efforts to get on the platform. We might be able to do that as soon as after we release Update 3, which could be out as early as the last week of March, but that’s not an official date yet. We want our updates to make the game better, so we’re spending more time on polishing and testing them, hence the reticence to offer a concrete date (I think that’s the right trade-off though). Will keep you posted.
p.s. - we did take another look at the Discord store too, but that takes some real work to get the game on there, i.e., dev work, and we want the devs focused on the game at this point.