Excited about Update 4!


I hope my enthusiasm isn’t too out of place, but I’m positively chipper about the latest update. I’m giving the game as loooooong as possible before playing in order to have the most content possible (even if it means waiting for DLC, which I’m perfectly happy to pay for), and this update is a big step in the right direction! I’m thrilled. Almost-headlesses! I’ve been silently hoping for them from the start! Rawstag! More NPCs! I’m not jumping in just yet, but it’s getting very hard to resist. I remember a few months ago being told there’d never be an Update 4, and now look at us.

Let’s get some gazers in there. There aren’t gazers yet, are there?


Welcome back to the forums!

As I mentioned in my other thread with you, however, there are currently no other content plans for UA at this time. Fingers crossed of course, and we’re keeping an eye on what people would still want to see if we got greenlit for an Update 5 or UA2.


UA2!!! :smiley:
I think that may be the first I have seen you guys have mentioned the possibility explicitly :)



I’ll keep my fingers crossed for further official content, but if nothing looks forthcoming in a couple of months I’ll finally dive in.

I hadn’t even considered the idea of a UA2. That would be fantastic, as long as the developers could be guided by the passion for a classic Underworld experience that’s been expressed so loudly by the fans since UA’s release.

I just don’t want the world’s only chance to have an Underworld experience again to be hoping EA releases an HD remaster of the original someday.


There’s probably not going to be much additional development on Ascendant ( they just fired / downscaled half of the dev team right after Update 4 ), so if you want to play, now is probably a good time to start.