Far Cry 2 is still the best game in the series


A comparison of some features in Far Cry 2 and the new game [size=6pt](and proof of why Far Cry 2 deserves to be called an immersive sim)[/size]: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FCeEvQ68jY8


I agree! ;D ([size=4pt]if only the checkpoint respawn reate was more human[/size])


[size=6pt](Dylan’s Realism Mod helps a bit with the shortfalls.)[/size]


I’ve only played Far Cry and Far Cry 2 and I agree!



[size=6pt](yeah but it’s a mod… J/K- yup. Nice stuff.)[/size]


Far Cry 1 is still my favorite. Playing that game on realistic is one of the most nail-biting experiences in gaming, and the amount of freedom you have to pick off the bad guys’ camps is fantastic.

Shame it kind of falls apart when the mutants show up. And also the checkpoint system, while adding to the tension, is totally broken. Really, I have to redo the whole tutorial because I died at the very end of the first mission? Yuck.

Far Cry 2 is the most interesting on paper, and there’s a lot to love about it, but it has some pretty major issues, as I recall (I’d have to go play it again to identify them specifically).

I’m also a big fan of 3, just because the systems in that game were tons of fun, but it’s very, very stupid fun (I feel similarly about 5 at the moment).


I’m currently playing 4, which builds off what was great in the 3rd game and adds more good stuff (arena battles, more of a living world, bits in a indian-inspired hell dimension etc). Battles in general are much better in this one. Much more exciting. Some damn fine music too. First recent game of memory, where I’d happily listen to a few of the tracks outside of the game.

Much bigger places to take on for territory control related stuff is another positive.

Negatives: The wild life is a bit too crazy. You get zerged by them VERY often. And there’s no Vaaz. Respawning bad guys in some of the key missions. Some locations are copy pasted straight from FC3. Not many, but it’s noticable when you reach them.


Far Cry has evolved into ‘stupid fun’ it really is all about the glee of messing around. Why they continue with these stories is beyond me.
As for best–well, 1 is a great survival romp,
Far Cry 2 is soooo close to a masterpiece but ruined by the whole malaria thing. Agh stop interrupting my fun developer person. I’m busy burning this continent down.
3…haha…3 is really solid. It is a bit more constrained than 2, but it is also more focused. I also love that I go from MTV dude bro to ‘OMG the White GHOST RUNNN’’ mass murderer. I think I liked the bad guys…I don’t remember.
4 is a fail. It’s fun, but it feels really one note when I look back on it. Franchise fatigue I think. Too much canned stuff that should have just been open world. Too many constraints, and the overworld fun stuff is streamlined too much. Cool a rope…sigh, a rope I can’t use everywhere. WHY?? Did they not play Just Cause?
Far Cry 5 - so far…the world sim is awesome. The side stuff is awesome. That a game got me to enjoy fishing is awesome. The self awareness is funny, and doesn’t get in the way of the fun - towers…and making fun of the mechanic for example. Its almost the Deadpool of Far Cry’s that knows its a game.
The new advancement system is awwweeesome. Being able to just horde my points and take what I want with very little gating is great. Letting me play my way as much as possible is much appreciated.
The henchmen system is cool. The chatter reminds me of the best moments of Baldur’s Gate II party banter. Sadly I don’t think Cheeseburger and the cat talk to each other much. And, yes that is how I roll about 80% of the time.
Again…what is up with the forced story elements. They have to stop this. It sucks period. Luckily they are mostly ESC skippable. Sorry cutscene team…haven’t watched any of them. Crazy bad guys, got it. I have deer to hunt and shit to do, so hurry up and release me. I do like the miniboss regions feel different, the drug area, the heavy weapons area. The vehicles are not realistic, which is fine they are all fun- and so expendable, and the choppers once you understand the control scheme are pretty perfect action game versions.
Primal - I love primal. What other game can you ride a sabretooth cat? Turn that game difficulty up, shut off the UI and that game is a blast.


I was about 19 I think when I played FC2 and didn’t really understand why I loved it so much at the time; it certainly left the strongest impression on me of all the Far Cry’s, so it’s been great being vindicated by people (namely the folks at Waypoint and Idle Thumbs) talking about what’s so interesting about the game, and helping crystallize my thoughts. I could ramble about this forever but there’re a couple things that, in my mind, elevate it to masterpiece status. There are of course elements that drag it down but I think the positive aspects far outweigh them. Some of this is covered in that video, which I didn’t watch, but read Austin Walkers piece about, don’t @ me.

One is the bolt action sniper rifle, one of the best feeling weapons in any game. Up there with the Q3 rocket launcher (for wildly different reasons). It has an exquisite balance of stopping power, animation, and audio that make it incredibly satisfying.

Two is the body awareness and commitment to diagetic UI that’re I think still unparalleled in immersive FPS. In particular the map (which you have to pull up in real time as you’re driving cars, which can create some beautiful chaos) and the painful healing animations.

And, of course, the companion system, which is just brutal. It was a little underdeveloped in that they didn’t have a ton of personality/history, but the idea that you could permanently lose a companion because you happened to not have any healing after a tough fight is such a great way of raising the stakes and selling the hostility of the world without completely ruining the experience.

There’re just a ton of little elements that play well together to stitch the game into a glorious mix of tension and chaos; the fire system, the wild animals, malaria, weapon jams, long healing animations, dying companions. Things that feel like minor inconveniences can drastically change the game if they strike at the wrong time.

The rest of the franchise is really solid, but 2 is hands down the most influential of the series, a true cult classic.


Also they straight up just call the last level The Heart of Darkness!!! Glorious.


Yeah, in some respects, it’s more true to Heart of Darkness than Spec Ops was. And it’s all organic. I actually didn’t make it that far the first time, since I played it in blind ironman style, but the experience, the pointlessness of it all was absolutely driven home in a way a conventional narrative never could have.


Digging SO many of these comments.

Original Far Cry: apparently it originally had a way to save your game when you wanted, but it was disabled. Happily, there’s a way to restore it (via console), otherwise I might not have played through the whole game.

And yes to the comments of both Chris and Chris. The companion NPC design, as far as I know, is still unequaled in any game – not just in their fragile usefulness and human-like variety, but also in the way the whole thing gets subverted in the endgame. But even that was interrupted by the “malaria” “feature.” Arrggh! Why are you interrupting my fun?! (I prefer to assume this was a publisher-mandated thing and not something a designer thought would be cool.)

I’ve been tempted to pick up Far Cry: Primal in the hope that it hearkened back to the first two games in the series, but I’m just not sure that’s true.

Is it?


The Malaria mechanic is really fascinating…alongside features like the severe weapon degradation, it fits into hostile climate of the game as a way of adding some unpredictability to encounters, but because it’s completely random and has a boring solution (running to that random house for meds) it’s really grating over the course of the game. I compare it to storms in Breath of the Wild; it’s a reminder that the world is not there for your convenience, there are negative factors out of your control, and sometimes you have to navigate them. But in Zelda you don’t have to traverse the map for a raincoat, so even though it’s a pain in the ass, it’s a bit more palatable.

I suspect that were there some other control the player had over it, like if avoiding swamps could prevent malarial onsets (yes, I know that’s not how Malaria works) or some other risk/reward mechanic made it feel more intentional, it wouldn’t be a stain on the reputation of such a fine title.

Anyway, I haven’t played Primal, Chris S swears by it though.


It’s a shame that Ubisoft made the malaria mistake again in Far Cry 5 with the awful way the story interrupts you. You’ll be faffing around having a grand old time, when suddenly a mandatory, terrible story mission takes over and forces you into 10 minutes of nonsense, then dumps you out in a totally different area than you were originally in.

Other than that, I’m loving 5. I’m playing the campaign co-op with my friend, and we have come up with some insane “this-shouldn’t-even-work-but-it-does” ways to clear out areas. Like taking out a set of helicopters by crashing into one of them, bailing out, and firing rockets at the other two as we parachute through the air.


I had Farcry 1 on my original xbox. For whatever reason it would play an annoyingly long trailer (5-10 minutes) that you couldn’t skip EVERY TIME you started the game up. It would also restart the trailer if you didn’t touch it for 2 minutes after that trailer.

I actually jumped back into the original a few months ago, it does not age well. Modern games now have lots of camera kicks and smoothing that feel really bad when they are missing.

I’m really loving the new one, there’s so much crazy that happens. NPC’s can fly the choppers while you rappel below them (you can command them to fly anywhere too). Peaches! Finally full co-op after the tutorial island, farcry 4 had gates that would kill the co-op moment.

Although the only negative so far is that you can’t use dynamite for fishing. But if you shoot a fish on your co-op buddie’s line with a helicopter machine gun it kills the fish.


I love Primal. Look, you can ride a sabretooth cat, the height of weapons is a spear on fire, and Mammoths are truly terrifying. The ‘main game’ is a couple hours too long, but the world sandbox is fun. I resisted it for a while too, but it is one of my favorites of the series. Wish they did more period Far Cry things like this.


Now I’m thinking that Far Cry 5 should have been located during the Civil War… :stuck_out_tongue:


Far Cry 5 is a strange game. As usual the world is great, the everything else is meh to rage inducing. The kidnap mechanic is only good if you think they used it to make you hate the bad guys…not becuase of any narrative thing they are doing but by showing up and ruining your fun for 10 minutes. I admit–it made me hate them.
Its cute and clever to do the ‘the only way to win is to not play’ but this is two games in a row that the peaceful outcome is to do nothing. The reality is when people do nothing around these cults you end up with Jonestown. Its cheap and lazy narrative trick.
Far Cry Civil War-- I’d play that. Far Cry Roanoke, Far Cry Mars…Far Cry gangster something.


I’ve not played any Far Cry games, but Primal interests me as well. Mainly because I am interested in seeing an Ice Age survival RPG. Complete with the need for warmth, and the need to eat/drink/sleep.


Auggh, you’re killing me here – it’s a source of never-ending astonishment to me that no one is working on a modern game set in Edgar Rice Burroughs’ Mars.

It’s annoying that Andrew Stanton’s semi-recent movie version gets so much disdain. It wasn’t that bad, and he’s such a good writer-director. But forget that movie.

The novels are the main thing, and they’re extraordinary! This is the same guy who created Tarzan; the Mars books are even richer with action and adventure and settings that virtually create their own art design. Also I think the copyright has lapsed. :smiley: It is utterly baffling to me that this world hasn’t become the basis of a game franchise. If the Far Cry gang won’t build it, someone ought to.