Forum badge


Does anyone check this forum anymore? I pledged a couple weeks ago, still no forum badge. Same email.


Sorry about the delay your case required some deep digging to find out what happened with the internal processing of your pledge. I found the info and had to manually create your account in our backer tracking system. You should be all set now.


Hiya. I pre-ordered via backerkit today (Digital Protagonist $125). used same email for backerkit (and for the forums here) as i do for kickstarter. What’s the general wait time for badge bestowage?


I think it’s a couple of weeks, usually.


Thanks Starker. Looking forward to access to the prototype or the pre-alpha or whatever it’s being referred to now. playing UW and UW2 as an appetizer. :smiley:


Should be all set!


Thanks Ro3. Can you provide any timeline on how/when I would have access to the latest proto?



I don’t have a Forum Badge either, even though I backed through PayPal on March 6th, 2015 at the Adventurer ($75) level. How can I get mine?


@Alarick: If you do not yet have access (there are a number of forum posts about it now), let me know and I’ll set you all up. I’ll (or more likely our new Community Manager, Sam will) be checking here daily.

@Vulchor: I’ll confirm the Paypal now and add the badge :slight_smile:


Posting here so that I’ll get notifications later, if there’s still a problem with the forum badges B)


Hi folks,
I’m in the same boat as Vulchor, I also don’t have a Forum Badge. My pledge was back on 11th June 2015 ($50) via PayPal.
Hoping someone can help !
Cheers =) from Simon


Confirmed your pledge @cronky! We’re working on setting up your badge now :smiley: