Forum Migration: How to Log in and Use Discourse


Morning everyone!

As we prepare to switch to our new host site as we mentioned last week, I’ve prepared a couple of step-by-step instructions to help you transition to the new layout.

Starting with the homepage!

It will look something like this. (I changed it to be automatically dark theme to preserve our eyes :wink: )

Note that if you ever need to return to this homepage, just click the OtherSide logo on the top left.

For reading categories, they are currently listed by Most Recent, regardless of topic. If you’re like me and want to read the threads PER topic, just click on the “Categories” header that’s highlighted in my screenshot.

The layout will then look like this:

Now, for logging in.

Near the top right of any page on Discourse, you should see a blue button labelled “Log In”. Click on that to bring up this prompt:

For MOST returning users, your login and password from these forums will carry over. If for some reason your login does not work, simply click the “[Mail] with Email” option on the right of the box.

From there, you will receive an email from Discourse to log in. If you needed to do this step, you may need to upgrade your password on Discourse since our security settings are now a little higher. (For example, you need a minimum of a 10-character-password, which I did not qualify for lol).

To change your password, click on your icon on the top-right, and hit the “Preferences” icon (which looks like a Settings / Gear icon).

Now you can access your personal information, which includes resetting your password or even updating your email address, display name, icon, etc.

If you need to change your email address because your forum account is registered under an old address, please let me know either by replying to this thread or by emailing us at . If you update your password on this host site, it will not automatically update on the new site.


Thanks for the tip about selecting Categories. I can’t figure things out without it.

Will our forum badges eventually be re enabled? I notice that if I view the profile of other users, it lists what groups they are in, but I can’t seem to view what groups I’m in (such as Lore Masters) while logged in. I only see the groups I’m in on my profile page if I view it while logged out or search the member list.


I’m still working out badges (they should be set up properly / imported from your group), and those will display in the bottom right of your profile picture. I’m not sure if the other groups are meant to be visible, but if this is something people are interested in, I can see if it’s possible.


I see the badges and titles now. Looks nice.


Ok. So I had to use “Login with email” to even get it. This did not work with my default Linux browser Konqueror, but it did work with Firefox (also on Linux). I tried to login with password afterwards and also with email on Konqueror, both didn’t work.
I had to reset my password while email-logged-in on Firefox. Since the new password is the old password the requirements were met. Have had to be. (Simple logic.)
Finally login also works in Konqueror.

If you’ve never heard of this browser before - it is the Linux browser from the Plasma Desktop, formally known as K Desktop Environment, or short KDE. It’s rendering engine KHTML was used by Apple for their Safari browser, renamed and forked as WebKit, later integrated into Qt, a C++ framework on which KDE aka Plasma is based. A fork of WebKit is Blink, the rendering engine of Google Chrome, and Opera since they switched, a some more. Blink has recently also been imported into Qt and will replace WebKit. Konqueror can either use KHTML or Qt’s implementations of either WebKit or Blink.
Discourse identified Konqueror as Safari when I checked the Preferences page while in Firefox. Now in Konqueror it is identified as Google Chrome. The user agent string really is “Mozilla/5.0 (X11; Linux) AppleWebKit/534.34 (KHTML, like Gecko) konqueror/5.0.97 Safari/534.34”.

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I don’t seem to have any badges, though I’m not sure if I qualify for one (I was a Kickstarter backer of UA, but at a low tier).

Having selected Category view is there a way to make the system remember that? Currently I have to reselect it every time I return to the top level.


Answering my own question: it doesn’t remember what you last set it to, however if you go to Preferences -> Interface you can choose your default home page.