Forum T-Shirt Giveaway Winners


Howdy Folks,

As we announced last week, we are giving away Underworld Ascendant Kickstarter Exclusive T-shirts to 50 random forum members who signed up as of 9am EST this morning (3/10/2015). Well, we’ve drawn the names from a (virtual) hat and now it’s time to announce the winners!

Aragato AvatarFACE baltham BobRudy crloken D-Rock Darish DMKW DonnelPerk enderandrew ET3D
EvilTwin Faravid gjbmb1946 Gooler hvsa Jerry Blade jm11744 JoelF847 Juris Storm Kainshibo KernelPanic
Krisko lifk markitect MasterOfVDL Maximlyalin MonkeyFinger Morisey nakori Pentreion pseudodog Ringtraeger
Ryu T. Seafort Skrivener Skullduggery Sounge Specimn spoken_starfish swooshxx tgmiker theForgotten Timlorde
Tralen Tybress vandermar Wintermute_of_CoF Yogi zod000

Congrats to the soon to be swankily clad! And thanks to ALL our forum members for making this a fun place to hang out and discuss our favorite game (and some other stuff too)!

If your forum name is on this list we will be contacting you soon-ish for your T-shirt size and mailing address.



Congrats, all!


Congrats fellas & ladies!


Congrats to all you winners!

I share in the epic sadness with the rest of us non-winners. Today we don’t get sprinkles on our ice-cream.


Congrats and thanks from me and the other winners.


Congratulations to the winners!!!


Gratz to all, thanks for the offer


Congratulations all!


Congrats to the winners! We’re gonna want pics. : )


Congratz! :slight_smile:



  • slow clap *

Congratulations and thank you :smiley:


congrats guys!


Congrats to the winners!


GJ all that entered and won. :-X




Cant believe I missed the Raffle and I just signed in. :frowning:


Oh my “G” i won a shirt :o
Thank you and gratz to the other winners 8)


\o/ i actualy won something , not happening often …

congrats to other winners!


Grats, like also a to get a T-Shirt of Underworld :slight_smile:


Luck of the draw! Thanks, OtherSide. Very grateful for the swag, but the real prize is going to be this AWESOME game. Can’t wait to play it! :slight_smile: