Forum T-Shirt Giveaway Winners


Excellent! I guess I can no longer say “I never win anything”. :smiley:


Oh Wow, this is so great! I was so surprised to see my username in the winners list!
Thanks so much guys!


Did anyone get a Mail, yet?


No, I have not heard anything yet. I check the items in my pledge while filling out the backer kit form to see if it was added there but it’s not.


Very nice! Can’t wait to see it!


@Otherside: Anything You guys can tell us how this is organized?


I’m assuming it will be sent out when the game releases with all the other stuff, but some official correspondence to sort out sizing and delivery address would be cool, is it through the backerkit or being done directly?


We just sent out an email with a link to an online survey to gather your shipping addresses and T-shirt sizes, so keep an eye on your email inbox if are one of the T-shirt winners.


Thanks! Winning this t-shirt was completely unexpected. In fact it was so unexpected that I came here to ask if it’s a phishing attack, and luckily came upon this message.

I didn’t remember there was a contest, and I got an e-mail from My browsers report that is not to be trusted because the security certificate was issued by another site, and the main site of Otherside Entertainment is indeed So no idea what this was about + shady domain + generic mail that doesn’t mention any of my details = phishing. :slight_smile: I still found it strange that Underworld Ascendant got a specific phishing mail, which is why I made my way here eventually to ask.

Anyway, I’m really glad that it’s not phishing and I did win a t-shirt. Thank you very much Otherworld Entertaiment. If that’s who you really are…


Thanks doesn’t even cover it! I’m ecstatic! Thanks so much for this - I shall wear it with pride!


Guys - please don´t forget me

I have not recieved a Mail and I really really want this shirt. My wife will wear it in bed on “special occasions”

Update 29
Congratulations, Sark, you will receive a free T-shirt of your chosen size. And the heartfelt thanks of the community!

@Community: My Inbox ist still waiting for the: “the heartfelt thanks of the community!” ;D :wink:



thx a lot Steve


Thank you for the prize. I was actually logging in to check the veracity of the email I received.


The T-shirts started shipping out today, so you folks should start receiving them next week sometime.


Thx alot for the Shirts - mine arrived in Germany 2 weeks ago


Just got mine.(Fits great)
Also wanted to Thank you again.


Got mine a few days ago and I’m wearing it now.


I read on the last update that I won the randomly picked “guess this picture” forum post. Just checking if I am going to receive an email asking for my size/postal address or if there is another way.

Unless there is another SirhcOran on these forums. :stuck_out_tongue:


Please check your email SirhcOran.


Just got the email this morning thanks. :slight_smile: