Future of Thief


I’ve been wondering if it would be feasible for Otherside to buy or license the Thief franchise to make a Real Thief game. We know that System Shock 3 is gonna sell like hot cakes. Theres also going to be a Thief movie and we all know its going to bomb like the recent game did.


I don’t know why you would assume that at this point.

But anyway, I think they’ve commented on Thief before and said it wouldn’t work out. Or maybe I’m just imagining that.
Personally, I don’t think a new Thief game is necessary. Garrett’s story is wrapped up and revealing more about Thief’s world would chip away at the mysterious feeling that makes it work in the first place. Not to mention there’s enough good fan content to last a lifetime. Hopefully Black Parade turns out well (I don’t doubt that it will) http://www.ttlg.com/forums/showthread.php?t=146501.

If OSE is ever going to make a stealth game I’d rather see an original title that improves upon Thief, like Deep Cover was presumably going to do.


Now that you mention it, its probably is a good idea to go new IP if they were to make a new stealth game rather than spending resources requiring a title, despite how much I would love for to see the title Thief 4 just to spite the reboot. I do think that SS3 is going to rake in the cash since its a recognizable IP. Maybe its not as lodged into the cultural gaming zeitgeist as it once was, but im sure that fans of the Bioshock games will at least give its spiritual predecessor a look.


The new Thief was actually a hit, and even if it weren’t, game publishers are notorious IP hoarders (see also: Ultima) who won’t sell off properties even if they aren’t doing anything with them.

So chances are very slim that OtherSide would be able to make a Thief game even if they wanted to.

The only way I can ever see Thief exiting Square’s clutches is if they sell off Eidos or go bankrupt and auction off all their assets.

That said, The Dark Mod is doing a great job of scratching the Thief itch anyway.


Personally, I would like to see fresh new IP. Doing sequels is fine, but it leads to stagnation. I would like to see the immersive sim genre evolve with new settings and new mechanics.


Perhaps we can contripbute new ideas for a new IP. With the recent battlefield 1 news I find that a World War “Sneaker” has never been tried. The protagonist could be a jewish american spy sent to france to throw a monkey wrench in the nazi’s operations (Insert Inglorious Bastards reference).


Hmm, that could be interesting. For some reason, I thought of this book and now I want to play a “sneaker” as Dracula killing Nazis…


I’ve mentioned before that I’d like to see someone do a AA+ game based on Edgar Rice Burroughs’s “John Carter of Mars” novels. Unfortunately, while the initial novel has passed the (extended) copyright period, the ERB company are suing users of the John Carter character not for copyright violation, but for “diluting” the value of their trademark that doesn’t expire until 2020. So I guess that’s out.


  1. An open-world game (probably needing to make some use of procedural content generation).

  2. Warren’s “One City Block” game. With him working with OtherSide, there will never be a better time to actually make this happen.


A vampire sneaking game sounds awesome. You can do a little bit of sneaking in Masquerade: Bloodlines, but it’s not really very sophisticated.

Not quite sure how John Carter would work as an immersive sim, but I certainly wouldn’t mind the setting.


Third this. Vampire sneaker sounds awesome. But could you turn to mist?


Why not? At least for a brief time. There’s a ton of stuff you could build on – from magic spells to physical features to mental abilities. Want to get into a place? Maybe turn into mist and float through the window bars. Or maybe break down a door with your superhuman strength. Or trick a human into opening it for you with your uncanny persuasion. Or invest in climbing skills and scale a wall somewhere. Or ride the mind of a bat and open a latch.


Oh man. A stealth game where instead of stealing or espionage, you’re just trying to feed at night without the local town figuring out that they’ve got a vampire problem. I would play that game.


Yeah, getting blood without attracting vampire hunters could be quite the challenge. And blood being the fuel for your vampire abilities would push you to take more risks to get it.


This is starting to sound like an awesome looking glass take on DOOM.


Actually, I would make it a tense balance between feeding and not feeding. You need to feed to survive, but the more you feed, the more vampire hunters you attract to yourself.


I think a vampire shouldn’t be afraid/disincentivised to feed – just have to be sneaky about it and not attract attention. Ideally, nobody should even suspect that the vampire was there. The equivalent would be adding more guards in Thief the more you stole.

It seems to me that a vampire’s greatest fear should be that people find out that there are vampires, so playing carelessly and getting the attention of too many vampire hunters could maybe attract vampire vampire hunters.

And it gives ideas for mission goals as well: destroy evidence of vampires, silence a vampire that has been too careless, sneak into another vampire’s lair to destroy evidence that you have been careless, etc…


OH! After watcher Razorfist’s second Shadow video I just had this idea. A stealth game based on The Shadow would be really awesome. Otherside would just have to convinc the IP holder to make a game out of it.


Well, I would vote on a new Thief for sure. I like following character evolution.

Better even, a remake of Thief 1, release of Thief 2 Gold, 3 to I liked it, all to setup the engine, and then go full throttle on a new one. Old style, no gimmicks.

I’d put my money on that, same as I have for Underworld Ascendent and System Shock


The archives of the old Eidos fan forums are gone. Square-Enix has thrown a quarter century of archived rich fan culture, discussion (including with many of the developers), and creative output, from fans of the Thief trilogy, into the void. Google and the Wayback Machine both purged their archives over this last decade, and even if a page can be found, the former function to click through links within the archives is gone. Square-Enix is redesigning their home site, and all links to the forums and “Official Website” pages for legacy games, redirect to the SE Home page.

Without knowing the whole story, it looks as though SE is undoing their former CEO’s failed gamble to capture the North American market. The Deus Ex fora are gone, even though Eidos-Montreal’s efforts were profitable for them. I found the Final Fantasy forum still running, but not easily accessed, and primarily in Japanese. Since the year leading to THI4F’s release, TTLG was no longer a place for fans of original Thief to talk about the games themselves. The great discussions are in the archives. Now thousands more links are rendered dead–again. The former CEO of SE resigned in shame, and the founder of EM resigned in great disappointment at having his vision for his company wrested from him. The destruction hasn’t yet stopped. It’s better to burn out than fade away, and this is a painful fade.

I can only hope this means improved chances that the Thief IP can come home. I don’t need another game, but I’d like to see it out of the hands of people who had no appreciation for what they had, and squandered, and ultimately threw away. I know it’s not a dev concern, and not how it works, but it’d be nice if even amusingly tiny checks for continued sales of Thief made it OtherSide’s mailbox.