Game frequently freezes up when interacting with objects?


Anybody found a way to deal with the game locking up occasionally when trying to lift or drag an object? Started happening to me in the first “upper” whatsit quest area where you go to look for the first key after getting to the city hub.

The odd thing is it only locks up the character, I can hit escape and get to the system menu, but naturally, reloading the most recent save completely undoes any progress made on that quest, and the next time it locks up (hasn’t been the same object twice, so far), I’m back to square one again.


After hotfix 1.0.2, upper erebus is still frequently locking up.


I am experiencing the exact same problem, and it is not unique to Upper Erebus. I started the game over after a strange issue arose with my saved games, and I’m frequently experiencing freeze-ups in Pluto’s Gate. I’ve already lost count of how many times I’ve tried (and failed) to get past this level because of this bug.


Hey guys,

It would be really helpful if you could send your output logs to after your game crashes! We can track the bugs easier this way.

You can find your output log here:
C:\Users[Your Name]\AppData\LocalLow\OtherSide Entertainment\Underworld Ascendant\output_log.txt


I have done as requested. Hopefully we can get to the bottom of this.


I experienced the same problem after the release of the latest hotfix, however I found that lowering the resolution from 1920x1080 down to 1280x720 appears to remedy it.


…and by remedy, I mean it happens much less frequently. The game is more stable, but the freeze ups still happen.


Thanks Urh,

Still tracking this bug, and as you suspect, a big part of it is tied to our performance issue.

We have some plans for this for our update in December!


Update 1 has made the game much more stable. I’ve actually been able to complete some missions!


when the game first came out i had no issues at all,i just started playing again after the update from the beginning and i had freeze ups twice,i tuned on vsink in game disabled steam cloud which is unreliable anyways on my radeon software i limit the fps to 60 and i deleted the steam exe i just launch the game with the exe inside the folder so far so good .