Games to whet the appetite


I’ve been playing 2 newish games while I wait for update 4 to drop. Crimson Keep and City of Brass.

Crimson Keep is a terrible yet somehow addictive first person permadeth dungeon crawler. I wouldn’t recommend it as it crashes way too often for a game with no saves and is overall very janky with clumsy combat. For some reason I still enjoy it though.

City of Brass is great! It is also permadeth but doesn’t crash. In terms of combat it feels kind of like Dark Messiah with light stealth, traps all over the place to dodge or shove enemies into and checkpoints (which is very lenient compared to most permadeth games). You are constantly making progress and it has too notch production.

Aside from Arx Fatalis are they any suggestion from you fine folk?

Also I’m playing these on nintendo switch and otherside have no competition as switch only has crimson keep vaguely in the same genre. You guys will have a pretty good chance of success on the switch I suspect.


I’ve heard of a couple of us in the office really enjoying City of Brass, but I don’t think I’ve dipped into Crimson Keep. Permadeath games can be really fun to strategize around, glad to hear you’re enjoying it!

I can’t speak much to any suggestions since I normally don’t play on my PC anymore, but I know I’ll be happy to play UA on the Switch too. :slight_smile:


A permadeath mode for UA might be a fun challenge. At higher levels, it can feel way OP, but permadeath would make me much more cautious again - I likely wouldn’t leap so blithely from building to building over lava, without the silver sapling!


Two titles that come to mind are Barony and Delver. I have yet to try either one, but I added them to my Steam library ages ago.


Delver looks very cool, thanks for the tip!


Anything Ultima Underworld inspired looks *very cool * ;)


It’s not released yet but there is one game in particular I wait anxiously for called Monomyth. You can see it on steam or Twitter. It is based on Arx Fatalis, Ultima Underworld, and King’s Field.


I’ve seen quite a bit of Monomyth floating around!! Pretty excited for it as well.