Gates of Nowhere


Wow, just checked out Gates of Nowhere and the game has real potential! While the graphics are not cutting edge the interactivity is amazing! Turn to your ‘Tome of Alchemy’, find the spell your require by checking down the long list then pick up the necessary ingredients, add them according to the recipe and then stir exactly the number of times required then voila! suddenly you have a bubbling Health Potion!

The archery is not as good as ‘Near Death’ which is the masterclass; however, the crossbow and melee weapons excel.

Where the game really shines is the environments and you can see the GoN is a love letter to Arx Fatalis right there. Your opening experience is a page literally torn from Arkane’s game. You see a torch, pick it up, holding it up you can see the jangling chains and hear the distant screams.

The game is obviously made on a shoe string but given half a chance (if a decent budget was forthcoming) the devs would astonish rpg fans everywhere.


Here is my first attempt at alchemy, please bear in mind for those that don’t have VR, that the graphics will probably look basic to your eyes; however, in VR the fidelity is excellent.

As you will see, I failed to read the tutorial correctly and instead of ‘preparing’ the potion, I went straight to the ingredients which was a mistake:

Also, here is Inferno: Deathfield a ‘dark, fantasy VR rpg’, check out how the player ignites his sword in order to take on the demon: From what I’ve seen of the footage, I would say this was more a medieval, arena-style VR game as opposed to an ‘rpg’ but I could be wrong. See how the body is broken up into quadrants for melee (and I suppose archery) allowing for tactical combat? I would have loved to see a similar approach to combat in UA, we can only hope…